GrE's Preview: Portal 2

GrE writes, "“Oh, it’s you. It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead… after you murdered me!” GLaDOS has rebuilt herself and is prepared to begin testing you again in Valve’s highly anticipated Portal 2. I managed to get a screening of Portal 2 in Valve’s private meeting room at E3 and I am here to share what I saw."

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CrAppleton2763d ago

I can't wait for Portal 2. The first one was so awesome!

Neco5122763d ago

Hell yeah! Portal rocks! PC is the best version by far though. Consoles are missing out!

2763d ago
Substance1012763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

why pay 15usd more get less?

captain-obvious2763d ago

I wonder if they'll make another orange box with this game in it

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8800gtx2763d ago

Niether can i ;-)


starven2763d ago

I watched a bunch of the trailers for this in the past week. I'd be lying if I said I was not super stoked for this to drop.

DaRockSays2763d ago

cool! Thanks for the in depth preview! Looking forward to it

WiFi Pirate2763d ago

This one looks to be a bit darker as well... count me in.

solar2763d ago

I have never been more geeked for a sequel then Portal 2.

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