Sony Not Worried About Slow 3D Adoption

Aside from the PlayStation Move, Sony's other major focus last week at E3 was stereoscopic 3D gaming. 3D trailers were shown at the press conference, and Sony's booth was equipped with 3D televisions and glasses to showcase several 3D PS3 titles. That's all well and good, but the average consumer is simply not going to pay for all this new technology.

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dangert122763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

thats good because sony as soon as i can offord one im with you which will be a while from now lol

@Godmars290 microsoft are just playing it safe and apart from natal don't want money to go to waste even though i think kinect is from what ive seen so far =/

HolyOrangeCows2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

They have about the same amount of reason to worry as Sony and Microsoft had in the past to worry about the slow High definition adoption. HD was a natural evolution of televisions that eventually became standard in retail, and I'm certain that 3D will follow suit and eventually become a standard option.

I said as an OPTION. The option to use 3D glasses will eventually become standard because the higher powered technology will become cheaper.

Dnied2763d ago

I just dont think it will really take off until the technology without glasses becomes available to us at lower prices (or even at all lol)

I can't see everyone adopting 3D.. SD tv's to HD was different because it was just literally buying a new tv and swapping it with the old one, in this case, people are worrying about peripherals, viewing angles etc.

RageAgainstTheMShine2763d ago

it will only be a matter of time before they master auto stereoscopic HDTV for now its for the tiny screens of cell phones and 3DS where its easily viewed at o degree angles

captain-obvious2763d ago

just like HDTVs at somepoint
3DVTs well become the next big thing

evrfighter2763d ago

"it will only be a matter of time before they master auto stereoscopic HDTV"

That time is at least 10 years away.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Sony have everything planed. I'm sure they planned this over more than 5 years and how they will progress with 3D.

They know the consequences, the good and bad consequences, they are prepared and they have their reasons why they started this year to release the whole 3D Stuff.

sikbeta2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Sony have All the Necessary to make 3D Successful and the New standard, they have the Bravia Division to make 3DTVS, SPE to make Movies in 3D, Sony Broadcasting Channels that will have Content in 3D, Blu-Ray for 3D Movies, PlayStation 3 for 3D Gaming and add to that the Major Support from Important Industries, 3D is here to Stay..

facelike2763d ago

Funny you say that AlFAxD

I saw a consumer retail magazine where they go over business figures, stocks, investors, etc.

I saw this article about a 2 ago. It showed what the industry predicted Sony's sales for PS3's to be across 10 years. Funny thing is, so far, it was pretty accurate. They expected a slow adoption rate, then over time more and more sales.

Seeing that, they may be expecting the same for 3D tv's. Slow start and over the next 3 years more and more sales as word of mouth gets around how awesome it is (if it is awesome).

Godmars2902763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I want to know why MS is trying to be on both sides.

Either its too expensive, or they'll lead the way once consumers decide they want it.

And yet they portray themselves as industry leaders.

CR-Y-SIS2763d ago

They're always the 2nd mover. Always wait and follow others.

deadreckoning6662763d ago

"They're always the 2nd mover. Always wait and follow others."

Of course. Why would they not take the opportunity to see how the public responds to 3D?

Serg2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )


If everyone would follow this logic, we would still sit in trees and peel bananas all day long, well, peeling a banana could be seen as innovation, so this is also not on the table. Your statement completely contradicts innovation.

Sitting back and picking up scraps is not something an innovative company would do, which Microsoft wants the public to believe they are. The company is founded on this practice, Windows was a 1:1 copy from AmigaOS, They later went on and copied Unix and Mac. To this day they have just copied the competition with the majority of in-house ideas being minor innovations, 2 or 3 big innovative products have made it out of Microsofts R&D, if they even have an R&D lab.

Microsoft is the smartest marketing corporation out there, they can sell crap and people will go nuts for it. The latter half of the past decade provides more than enough material for demonstrative purpose of their marketing genius.

BeaArthur2763d ago

Probably because they are not ready to introduce it so they are down playing it. They'll probably wait and see how it's adopted before they do anything.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32763d ago

Damn, was MS mentioned in the article? Let me see..........nope, nowhere to be found. Maybe you go find a 360 and see what all the hype is about.

On topic: Never once have I felt like Sony was forcing anyone to get into 3D. Never once have I felt like I need to jump on board either.

edgeofblade2763d ago

Sony, on things like Blu-ray and 3D, is in a MUCH better position to lead. Sony knows hardware. When it comes to software, that's Microsoft's domain, but where Microsoft is hurting the most... they underestimated how important hardware competency is to the game industry.

I've always said that Microsoft and Sony were two sides of the same coin in the game industry. If things had worked out differently, the "PlayBox" could have clobbered Nintendo.

Godmars2902763d ago

My reason and issue with bringing up MS is that when they do move into an industry, ever since they started doing it after the Xbox1 anyway, is that they actively go after the current leader of that industry while having no other drive than to become the new leader of that industry. The whole thing with HD-DVD vs Blu-ray is example of how, when their true goal was to place their menu and security codecs as the disc format standard, they may have hurt development in that industry.

Now, when we've already got Sony and other TV makers pushing 3D, there's MS waiting to see where things are going so they can try and take things in another direction.

siliticx2763d ago

"Nobody's gonna buy a PS3, HDTVs cost way too much"

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LordMarius2763d ago

Sony is just paving the way.
I wont be buying a 3D TV anytime soon but I'm glad I will already have games and a system that will be ready if I ever choose to purchase one.
Its good to have options

sikbeta2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Sony have The Stocks in Every "key" to make 3D Successful, they have the Bravia Division to make 3DTVS, SPE to make Movies in 3D, Sony Broadcasting Channels that will have Content in 3D, Blu-Ray for 3D Movies, PlayStation 3 for 3D Gaming and add to that the Major Support from Important Industries, 3D is here to Stay....

nikrel2763d ago

IN a heartbeat but alas I do not have the cash.

FFXI1012763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I agree, I would too.

jneul2763d ago

I wish I could afford it sony, I really am interested in it

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