Kotaku: Why Sony's Sorcery Moved Us

Kotaku: "Shown exclusively during the Sony E3 2010 press conference, SCEA's Sorcery made enough of an impression on us to score a Best of E3 nomination for Best New Game. How'd that happen?"

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dangert122824d ago

i need to see more concerning puzzles etc this game defo has potential but i want some nice puzzles in the not just firey tornando spells

Christopher2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I enjoyed that it was a teen-focused game but had that bit of flair that would appeal to adults (combining magic attacks specifically). I know my nephews would enjoy playing this a lot, but the only problem with that is that it's a one-player game and they usually play together.

I think people were most happy at just seeing the use of the movement controls to match with what was happening in game, including the potion drinking. After watching that, it was obvious that it was a better 1:1 tracking than that of the Wii.

Donny2824d ago

i liked how the spells intertwined, like the fire tornado, whoah!

Iamback2824d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows2824d ago

Same here. It shows that Gameplay is really being thought out.

sikbeta2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I loved what they Showed with Sorcery, I'll get it Day one, Rat Potion FTW!!! lol

RageAgainstTheMShine2824d ago

the game made a good impression

GiggMan2824d ago

I am so glad that I have kids that are spoiled and easily influenced. After showing the E3 presentation to my 7 year old it took me less than five minutes to talk him into wanting it. lol

*Note to others, convince your kids into getting stuff that you want, less hassle from the wife*

Serg2824d ago

I kind of knew Sony would show something that would get my attention on Move, I would've never guessed it would be an unbranded Harry Potter game, honestly. It looked really fun but I am still not sold on Move just yet, I guess I need to try it out first.

Cerberus21252824d ago

GiggMan, LOL, while I don't have problems with the wife that is a good idea,

D4RkNIKON2824d ago

If this game had a major name behind it like Harry Potter it would be HUGE. lol I just got back from vacationing in Orlando and went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on opening day. This game did get my attention tho when watching Sony's conference. Looked pretty cool to be honest.

beardpapa2823d ago

wind + ice = blizzard?

They should make a Last airbender game using move.

NecrumSlavery2823d ago

Sorcery is to me like Trace Memory was for the DS. It will utilize the controller in every which way to both demo the new technology and deliver a rich core experience. It has that Fable fantasy charm meets Metroid-like exploration. Spells open up new areas, ect. Definitely day one.

Dee_912823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

but .. i want to see more games for the move before i buy it... i mean i will eventually buy it but its not a first day for me ... yet

Kleptic2823d ago

this was the one thing with move that seemed to stand on its own...I don't mind the idea of HD wii sports either, as long as it really is 1:1...that was my only real complaint with the wii when it released...there was motion control, but it was gimmicky and registered 'wiggles' into canned animations...not to mention the gamecube visuals...

still not sold on Move though...for me to really want one, I want to see what they are doing with shooters...Socom 4 and killzone 3 could be very special for core gamers and motion controls if they are done right...if you can aim on screen in true 1:1 fashion while sitting comfortably at a 'normal' gaming could rearrange how I play first person shooters on a console...developers are saying the Move has input latency of 21ms, which is roughly half of a DS3...and second only to a wired mouse/keyboard...need to see how it works though, as it is not always that simple...

just saying that if it does what its supposed could end up being the answer to shooters on a much as I like playing shooters with 2 sticks...I can't argue that I miss the days of a mouse and keyboard (as well as PC being the only platform to get the best shooters longer the case by any means)...but with a first person shooter, there is no wiggle room...pun has to register every mm of movement on screen...and do it quickly...not sure if it can yet...

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morganfell2824d ago

I enjoyed what I saw immensely. Best implementation of any motion control I have seen to date. Absolutely intuitive control.

Narutone662823d ago

games would have been better with Move support.

LiquifiedArt2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

...Using some design elements with the color changing ability of the ball, struck me as genius. I know they had mentioned it before, but developers really do need to utilize it. Everyone likes colors and colors produce a distinct ambience, which can emotionally attach a player.

Inside_out2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

This was the best game Sony showed at E3 by far. At first I was hating it, then as the trailer went on it began to look better and better. In the end, I think this could be the killer app for PS3 Move, YES, that good. Harry potter meets Fable. If they had this game at launch, it would help Sony alot. Zelda WHO...

M$ needs to get ahold of this developer, The workshop. They are obviously very talented. Best graphics on the Sony Move that I've seen...WOW...if Nintendo wasn't worried before, they should be now.

Snakefist302824d ago

Im gonna buy this game to looks fun.This is a perfect game for my baby cousins to play.

2824d ago
NastyLeftHook2824d ago

this game looks brilliant! im buying as soon as it comes out.

DaTruth2823d ago

I was really against this whole motion control thing from the start. But leave it to Sony to make games that even break down the skeptics!

The most incredible thing is, I wouldn't even want Sorcery without the Move!

PopEmUp2823d ago

getting this game with move

ThanatosDMC2823d ago

I was especially wowed when he took that potion and the Move changed colors to tell him it's ready to chug.

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MariaHelFutura2824d ago

Sorcery was cool. More than being excited for the actual game, it showed the Move can be used for actual games. Which is pretty cool.

JAMurida2823d ago

Well I won't lie, out of all the games shown for Move, this one got my attention the most. I think it looks cool and "might" even get me to purchase a Move controller.

BeaArthur2824d ago

I was not even the slightest bit interested in this game. Lets be honest, if it wasn't designed for Move nobody would play it. It's a step up from shovel ware.

Unicron2824d ago

I have to agree.

I really haven't seen anything from Sony or MS that couldn't really be done on the Wii already.

BeaArthur2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah, I agree. I mean the Wii could not run something like KZ3 or SOCOM, but it could have a game that plays similarly. I'm sure Move is more responsive and a better product that the Wiimote but it's too similar and I already have a Wii which I never play.

Blaze929...yeah I'm not super into 3D either. Call me when I don't have to wear the glasses.

takohma2824d ago

I see what you mean but the fact that the wii still doesn't have games that can do what sorcery can should get your trust that it will only get better for move. Right off the jump they have a new decent game that caught the attention to people who wasn't going to get this. (like me) but that game and the golf game sold me honestly

Iamback2824d ago

thats the whole point of move. If this game was for DS3 then yes no one would care, but MOVE makes it interesting because it is different. I dont want to play Infamous, Uncharted, KZ3, etc with MOVE, i want games like this one to play with move, where it makes sense, where game was build around it not added as an add on. You missed whole point, silly one

ER-AM2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Those things shown weren't designed to show things the Wii can't do. The 360 and PS3 already do that. It was meant to show that they can do what the Wii can and, in Sony's and Microsoft's opinions, do it better. They are trying to sway the casual market away from Nintendo and they can't do that by showing hardcore games.

@ BeaArthur, when has any console/peripheral not had a ton of shovelware at launch?

Unicron2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

But ER-AM,

I'M a hardcore player, so that's where MY opinion is coming from. Not to mention, E3 is without a doubt a hardcore's show. Most casual gamers don't even know of it. I get WHY they are doing it, I'm just saying NOTHING has appealed to me from Sony or MS right now when it comes to motion controls.

That's all.

strickers2823d ago

What a bizzare comment this could be done of the Wii thing is.
It's like saying 360 and PS3 are pointless because the games could be done on the PS2.Nonsense.
How about the 360 shouldn't exist because all it's games could be done on PS3?
The Move will have it's own games,Sony made ones too and this usually means good things for those of us that like the Playstation range.
Saying the Wii could run something similar to KZ is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.The DS could run an FPS if that counts?
Dumb as.

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Blaze9292824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah good point - if this was not designed for MOVE then truly, no one would even care. I don't see myself playing this game. or any motion game. I'll stick to my Dualshock 3 and 360 controllers.

Wake me up when this motion control fad goes as well as 3D

sikbeta2824d ago

if this was not designed for MOVE, How would you shake the potion to transform into a Rat?

The Game seems to be Great, I don't care If it looks like a kiddie game, it looks like a Fun Game, I get what people is assuming, but it's just one Game...

As for 3D, I don't get why some people is so against it, it's an Option, you don't need to buy a 3DTV now, just wait until your HDTV/SDTV get screwed and the your Next TV will be a 3DTV, but you still have the Choice to use it as a 2D-HDTV, by that time prices will go down so people will don't even whine about that...

Jamie Foxx2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

your a childish fanboy pretending to own all systems when in reality you have a 360

I REMEMBER YOU FROM 2006-2009 CONSTANTLY BASHING PS3 you was one of the worst

nycredude2824d ago

There are far, I mean far worst games on all three consoles that that still sell a bit. This game looks kind of interesting even without the Move controls, but with the controls it looks great. I really don't understand why you think no one would care about this if it used the DS3.

Still looks interesting to me. Not many games like this. If they make the next Harry potter game decent and with Move support I might consider it. This games shows the potential of Move, which is the idea here.

ReservoirDog3162824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Actually blaze is quite new. He was never around through the terrible times of N4G 360 fanboys were really obnoxious.

You can even look at his details on his account. It says he joined March 13th, 2008; during the times that the 360 fanboys were starting to leave N4G.

So yeah, you're lying. He does prefer his 360, that's obvious. But I don't doubt he has a PS3.

On topic though, this does look interesting and it does look like it takes it to the next step but it didn't wow me into submission. Does look like a fun little game though.

AridSpider2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Uh...Blaze's account clearly says he joined N4G in 2008...


And if you bothered to look at his profile you wouldv'e seen this profile:


CernaML2823d ago

"if this was not designed for MOVE, How would you shake the potion to transform into a Rat? "

Uhhh... Sixaxis?

Eamon2823d ago

Yet Jamie Foxx has 35 Agrees and 4 bubbles.

This shows the state of N4G.

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raztad2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"if it wasn't designed for Move nobody would play it."

I think that is EXACTLY the point my friend. Move tight integration in the gameplay is what makes the game interesting, no the other way around. I dont think anyone is interested in the generic harry potter character/story Sorcery has.

BeaArthur2824d ago

ER-AM...what's your point? I've already said it's basic shovel ware.

LordMarius2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

how can you say its shovel ware when we only saw a glimpse of it, and from what most saw, it used Move really well.

Bunch of old dinosaurs here

ER-AM2824d ago

You act like this is out of the ordinary. Every console gets shovelware at the start.

From what I could tell, and from the fact that it won't release until next year, it looked like it was Alpha stage. The way they used Move impressed me because it went beyond what most people expect from motion controlled games, at least a tiny bit. The potential is what impressed people, I think. It allowed the idea that Move could be more than a Wii rip off. Now Sorcery may end up being a bag of hot shit, but for now it was enough to impress a little bit. So I think it's a little too early to call it shovelware.

DelbertGrady2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I think it's a great take on the Harry Potter formula.

snp2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I think it looks like a great sorcery themed game (simple atm, but early; though it's implementation/precision is already a long way from 'shovelware' imo).

It's a bit of a leap to say every game with magic and a wand is emulating Harry Potter.

DA_SHREDDER2823d ago

Um dude, its a ps3 1st party exclusive. In theory, it could possibly be the best game ever created. Why are you guys hating a game you have absolutely no idea about? How is Epic Mickey getting all this hype, and yet a game as technically advanced as this gets no love whatsoever? Fucking noobs, I cant stand you.

pork_chop_express2823d ago

BeaArthur again and ur negative moaning crap.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Looks like Move and Sorcery gain the trust from the Audience. I only see good news about this game, which is something good.

Besides it have the Sphere function, change of colors if you drink something or a lot more stuff to indicate if something is ready to use.

And full games designed for Move, will cost $40.

ForROME2824d ago

I think Move is "ok" not thrilled about it, but I liked this game a lot however SONYs pricing, sucks a$$ and will screw up the adoption rate of it, like the PSP GO SONY really needs to understand they may believe they are quality but that doesnt always = penetration into the market, you have to balance it, I think 99 for ALL 3 parts of it would be smart its 180 for me and another person?!

that = not buying

If your hardcore cool maybe its just you, I have 2 other people that will want to play, and thats just too much cash

nycredude2824d ago

Word of advice have those two other people for themselves, unless of course it's your wife and kid, in which case I will shut my mouth. LOL

pork_chop_express2823d ago

be sure to tell nintendo, fact is the actual controller is the same price as a dualshock so same applies add new controllers when u can afford it.