Sony: We Have 'No Plans' for 3D in Next PSP

The general consensus is that Nintendo "won" E3 last week, largely because of the company's newly unveiled 3DS portable, which was quite impressive. While Nintendo is innovating on the handheld side with 3D visuals (no glasses necessary), Sony is making a hard push to get gamers to buy a 3D television, 3D glasses and play 3D games on the PS3. Meanwhile, the PSP business has struggled somewhat and could benefit from a refresh of the hardware. Might Sony take their 3D obsession to the portable space and follow in Nintendo's footsteps?

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deadreckoning6662916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Stupid move Sony.

@disagrees- Care to explain ur stance.

"Do you seriously think that a handheld couldn't survive without 3D?? lol"

Survive? Sure, why not. Succeed? Nope, not with the 3DS alongside of it.

@nycredude- Sony's 3D implementation is EXPENSIVE. At least with the 3DS I know I'm not gunna have ta shell out over 500 bucks and I don't have to worry about those overpriced glasses.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32916d ago

I hate when that happens also. I don't agree or disagree with you though.

On topic: This can only mean that the PSP2 has already been in development and there isn't anyway to implement it with 3D.

meganick2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I agree. Stupid move on Sony's part.


I haven't heard anyone suggest that the PSP2 would not be able to survive without 3D. But I am saying that it's stupid of Sony not to combat Nintendo with its own 3D portable, especially considering Sony seems to have such a hard-on for 3D. (I hope I don't come across as a Sony-hater. I have a PS3, and I love it)


There's a BIG difference between the 3DS and the PS3 3D. With the 3DS, the 3D technology is built into the handheld, and based on Nintendo's track record, it should be pretty affordable. Whereas with the PS3, you have to fork out thousands of dollars for a 3D-capable television to enjoy the 3D effect. Do you see the difference?

BeaArthur2916d ago

They never do. They can all disagree but can't say why.

I think they should wait and see how it does on the 3DS before deciding.

HolyOrangeCows2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Early analysis has suggested that the 3DS will cost a pretty penny.

And we've seen over the many years that price is an important aspect of handheld game systems (and I mean years back before the DS v PSP, too).
(Game Gear 4

Do you seriously think that a handheld couldn't survive without 3D?? lol

nycredude2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Wait, so for the last several months all I hear on n4g and everywhere else is people complaining Sony is forcing 3d this and that and that it is a fad and isn't needed. Nintendo does it and it's the greatest thing ever (even though it really isn't 3d just depth of field), and now Sony says next psp won't be 3d and it's all of a sudden a fail?!

I never understand this place.

On topic: Maybe it will be 3d hologram that you can interact with and smell, and there will be 4 analog sticks, 10.1 surround sound, hdmi 1080p out, wifi/gsm/3g/4gsat receiver, touchscreen, make calls, hdtv receiver, remote control all electronics in your house, record video and pics in 3d hologram, cook breakfast lunch and dinner, and pick up girls for you. /s


How do you explain the psp surviving this long alongside the ds? Not everyone like the ds or 3ds and not everyone like the psp that is why they both sell. If you logic is sound, then there would be one type of car, one type of tv, one type of stereo, one type of computer, one type of airplane, etc. How boring would the world be like that?

BTW if what you say is true then I guess the xbox 360 and Wii days are numbered, since both don't do 3d, yet.

I understand about your point being that 3d is expensive atm but I can guarantee that by next year or the year afterwards you won't be able to buy a new tv that isn't 3d ready and it will be dirt cheap. It will take time to transition but these companies know what they are doing. Sony and the other media companies will continue to provide content for 3d tech. DOn't you remember what happened when Ps3 first released? No games, no features on Psn and look at the situation now.

The point I am trying to make is both the 3ds and psp can co-exist. I am sure many are hyped for the 3ds but to me it might as well not exist. I am sure there are people who feel the same about the psp. It's preference.

butterfinger2916d ago

I don't understand how you can call this a stupid move by Sony when they haven't really been matching the DS feature for feature since... ever. First of all the current DS has 2 screens where the PSP has one, the DS has a touch screen where the PSP doesn't, the current DS has built in cameras where the PSP doesn't, the PSP has at least ONE analog stick where the DS doesn't, and so on and so forth.

Anyone that believes that Sony will match Nintendo feature for feature is just downright ignorant and clearly doesn't understand what Sony has been doing all along. The PSP2 will be amazing, it will probably have better graphics than the 3DS, but it will be a completely different device as usual.

It's people like Deadreckoning and those that agree with him that were saying "Stupid move Sony" when they moved away from cartridges back in the day. lol.

BeaArthur2916d ago

nycredude...I think the difference is that the 3DS is 3D on it's own where as with Sony you have to buy a $1500 TV to enjoy and there's not very much out there other than a couple of movies and games. Also, from what everyone is saying the 3DS works really well where as 3D on the PS3 works very well for somethings (KZ3), but not others (Crysis, which I have heard really doesn't have a distinct difference).

Trroy2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I think the whole idea of 3D is silly. It basically cuts the power of the GPU in half for an effect that is only noticable in certain scene setups.

So.. its a gimmick. A cool one, but a gimmick nonetheless. The best part about the 3DS might be the 3D video chat... maybe. Although I think network image compression will hose any chance that has of looking decent.

I'll take more GPU muscle instead... anyday. For the record, I also think AA is lame unless its free. I'd rather take a higher res/higher framerate image and deal with tiny jaggies.

I have an obvious preference for framerate and resolution, so I suppose 3D might be more important for some. Not me though. I think even AA is more important than 3D, and that's saying something.

nycredude2916d ago

@deadreckoning and meganick

Hdtvs were expensive as hell too but that didn't stop people from buying and now look at the price. This was just 2 years ago a 42 inch 720p tv was freaking $2,000!

The same will happen with 3d Hdtvs. You guys watch I've seen this happen over and over again with all previous new tech. I know I am old...

BeaArthur2916d ago

nycredude...I'm not so sure of that. Don't forget that 3D has been around for decades and it's just now attempting to integrate into households. Consider this, you have a wife and 2 kids, so to be able for everyone to enjoy Avatar in 3D you would have to buy the TV and then 3 pairs of glasses (although I don't know how much they are, I do know they are not cheap). You could easily be looking at upwards of $2000 for the experience and on top of that you have to wear the stupid glasses all the time. It may catch on but it's going to take a long time and if they don't sell well manufacturers will start to abandon it.

jay22916d ago

The 3DS, although awesome, doesn't even support 720P HD resalosion, it's still not really as powerful as the PSP 1, most likely. There could be a lot more things we don't know about the PSP2 yet, so I think we should wait and see before jumping to conclusins.

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happyface2916d ago

sony never fails

everything they do is amazing and great

ElitaStorm2916d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo copy's SONY

Silly gameAr2916d ago

Ha. You're all so clever. I should make another account so I can agree twice!

Snakefist302916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Maybe they are adding far better than 3D.Rumour has it they are adding four cell processors think wat kind of graphics wud that be.Even 3DS cannot match with psp2.

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Weaksauce11382916d ago

Dual analog sticks, rumble, a physical media drive

its hard to track whats so "last gen" and not needed in their eyes. Just give me something you support. The PSP is like the wii with 99% shovelware

raztad2916d ago


Sony just cant win with some fans around this site and the american press.

I just came from a thread where many are saying 3D wont be taking off, it is a FAD, but in this one, PSP2 will be a fail because Sony has no plans to include 3D in it.

The only thing in common, between both threads, it is whatever Sony does is meant to fail. LOL.

Silly gameAr2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"I just came from a thread where many are saying 3D wont be taking off, it is a FAD, but in this one, PSP2 will be a fail because Sony has no plans to include 3D in it."

Blows my mind too man.

EvilBlackCat2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


""I just came from a thread where many are saying 3D wont be taking off, it is a FAD, but in this one, PSP2 will be a fail because Sony has no plans to include 3D in it.

The only thing in common, between both threads, it is whatever Sony does is meant to fail. LOL."

Is different because 3d glasses + TV cost a lot of money now(remember the economy is fuck up) and many dont trust this 3d tech because of the menace that is to your health.

In a little Screen like DS or PSP that is another story and believe me that 3D TV Screen without using glasses is better and you dont risk your eyes and brain.

Silly gameAr2916d ago

"In a little Screen like DS or PSP that is another story and believe me that 3D TV Screen without using glasses is better and you dont risk your eyes and brain."

You know this how? You're just caught up in the hype like everyone else.

Christopher2916d ago

Personally don't care, but can see the potential as well as the problems.

Potential: It's possible if they keep it at 480i resolution. Above that and the technology falters.

Problems: Extra technology would increase thickness requirements of the peripheral and take up space normally taken up by processing and controller parts.

kneon2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

3d on such a small screen is nothing more than a marketing feature. It will help sell units but it has little real value as the effect is not very impressive on such a small screen.

I would much rather they put in a larger ultrahigh resolution screen and give us super crisp 2D graphics. Oh, and a second analog stick.

ABizzel12916d ago

Surprising since they are the main company pushing it. My guess is the PSP 2 is being shown at TGS.

ThanatosDMC2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Why would it fail if it'll have superior specs to the 3DS plus Sony's first party support. I really want a proper FPS game on a handheld... MAG on the go would be really awesome especially since my HTC HD2 could serve as my wifi.

But a PSP2 phone would be better... just let it have all the phone services' support so it wont like the Iphone with AT&T.

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ElementX2916d ago

I'd rather take 3D, even if it's not true, and a touchscreen than a plain upgraded PSP.

LordMarius2916d ago

No need
Give me Phone+Touchscreen+Camera+PSP

protekjv2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I agree, plus a second analog stick and were good.

zireno2916d ago

Agreed, If I need my fix of 3D gaming I'll turn to my 3DS, I hope that they focus on all the things you said (although I wouldn't care for the phone part) plus the second analog stick like protekjv said, and that they really create an extremely powerful handheld. I mean the graphics of the 3DS are looking pretty sweet but I expect sony to pull something at least twice as powerful.

ThanatosDMC2916d ago

Completely agree with you guys.

Michael-Jackson2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

IMO it needs tilt/motion, similar to the I-pod touch/phone and what Nintendo is including in the 3ds. Maybe rumble.

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Omega42916d ago

Well they better think of something seriously amazing or they may as well leave the portable market. Considering they are gonna be last to the market too the PSP2 WILL die.

Karooo2916d ago

stop annoying people with your comment.

Why should they leave, PSP sold 60 mmillion, destroys the wii in japan.

Stop trolling sony threads all the time.

ThanatosDMC2916d ago

Just put him on your ignore list... i know, they made it a hassle this time around.

Cajun Chicken2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Handles, second analogue stick, games, Uncharted Portable. I'll be happy. I NEED no 3D, just that lot.

Edit: Obviously I'll be asking for better graphics too.

SuperStrokey11232916d ago

Id love uncharted portable, its gotta be coming too. We all saw the images posted a while back. I bet its a PSP2 launch title