This Heavy Rain Cosplay Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

PushSquare: "Not content with dressing up as detective Norman Jayden, this cosplayer went the whole hog and added in Heavy Rain-esque control commands too. If we were in charge of the country, this guy would get a medal for his efforts."

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Army_of_Darkness2891d ago

still reminds me of the matrix though...

inveni02890d ago

I'd call it original before I'd call it "epic". Norman was my least favorite character in Heavy Rain...though he was the most fun to play. The detective scenes were cool.

gamerzBEreal172891d ago

are the R1 things real? it dont look like it well the R1 looks like it but the other thing don't??

Dee_912891d ago

if it was madison replaying the shower scene then it would be better than sliced bread lol

his eye is bleeding too lol

DanyBrown2891d ago

that's not bad actually

Cajun Chicken2891d ago

That's quite amusing. I wonder if he snorts little tubes in the bathroom?

Gawdl3y2891d ago

That right there is the best picture I have ever seen, I do believe.
I want to meet this man, and get him to make me one of those outfits.

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The story is too old to be commented.