Have You Ever Known a Game So Well It's Felt Hardwired into Your Brain?

GamesRadar: A funny thing happened to me the other week. I picked up a copy of Earthworm Jim HD on XBLA (which you probably already know I love like kittens who deliver cake with little bakers' hats on), and suddenly, as far as my brain was concerned, it was 1994 again.

Now I knew Jim was a hard game, and I knew that the gameplay hadn't been changed at all for this new HD version, so I was expecting to get my arse immediately handed to me and have to learn it all over again.

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Mario, Sonic 2, and Street Fighter.

digitalivan2863d ago

Dragon Quest 8. Even though it was only 5-6 year ago my mind exploded when I started replaying it. The background music is the best I have heard in any game EVER.

Anon73492863d ago

Guilty Gear

Star Craft

Guild Wars


Demon's Souls

The Castlevania series

The Metroid series

Super Mario World 3

Zelda: Link to the past

Zelda MM

Zelda OOT

Pokemon (pretty much all of them)



Half-life 2

Donkey Kong Country

Team Fortress

Team Fortress 2

Tribes 2


Unreal Tournament (All of them)



Paper Mario: Thousand Year door



God Hand

Heck, there's probably a lot more to. The weird part is when I play new games like Uncharted 2 or Bayonetta if I don't play the game for a month or so I feel like I suck and I have play for a few days before I can get good at it again.