Dedicated Medal of Honor forum aims to unify community

El33tonline writes:

"The Medal of Honor franchise has had a few rocky years of late. Starting strongly on the original PlayStation as an unknown World War II first-person shooter, and then hammering the competition with the classic PC game, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, the series was never able to live up to the lofty expectations set by its fans in the years following that game’s release.

The fact that a large group of developers left developer 2015 to form Infinity Ward (and go on to create the game industry’s biggest titles) didn’t help Medal of Honor’s cause one bit, but after several subsequent entries to the series, you would expect EA to have recaptured the magic by now.

With the upcoming release of the new Medal of Honor in October this year, it looks as though EA is on track to do just that, but what that game needs is some support...

Enter The Medal of Honor Forum (The MoH Forum to its friends), a community dedicated to all things Medal of Honor."

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GameViews2891d ago

We all know EA is not know for quality support. Bravo to those who step up and take the lead.