UK retailer selling Kinect for £124.86

A UK online retailer has put the cards on the table and listed Kinect for the price of £124.86.

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presto7172950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

then I saw it was in pounds which means....

ShadesMoolah2950d ago

£99 but oh well wait a year...

cossie1232950d ago

old news and not the cheapest.

£99 yep these are the cheapest

Fishy Fingers2950d ago

Well that's probably your best bet then, checking their terms and conditions it seems only dates are subject to change so if you pre-order for £99 even if the price increases, your only committed to that price.

Funny though, they have the RRP at £105 so basically shopto are ripping you off :/

SuperSaiyan42950d ago

Move is only £39.99 and Microsoft needs to compete with that, I say around £69.99 simply because Kinect has 2 cameras and can do a lot more than move can with the likes of Kinect Zune and video calls with the built in mic.

cossie1232950d ago

£39.99 is just for the wand only you need the cam aswell and the navigator plus another wand if you want another player. it all adds up

Nicolee2950d ago

yes move controller+cam for £49.99 then + the navigator £29.99 .this is for one player .

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The story is too old to be commented.