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Submitted by Nineball2112 2053d ago | interview

Interview: Take-Two Aims For One New IP Per Year, But High Quality Needs 'Ample Time'

At Take-Two, being asked continually by investors, analysts, media and fans alike when the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming out is a regular occurrence -- and corporate communications VP Alan Lewis says he can't blame them.

In fact, he tells Gamasutra, he'd probably ask the same question, were he on the outside looking in. But so successful is the highly-valued franchise that it's driven what he says are "misconceptions" about the company -- chief among them is the idea that the publisher truly only has the potential to profit in a GTA year.

The company in fact has several strong properties --
according to Lewis, Take-Two publishes 17 franchises that have sold over 1 million units, and eight franchises that have sold over 5 million units. (Alan Lewis, PC, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360)

Iamback  +   2053d ago
Sony, buy them!
T9X69  +   2053d ago
That would never happen, Take-Two would loose so much money going exclusive.

EA maybe, but to Sony or Microsoft is highly doubtful. I would hate to have them sold to EA, just because EA is a bunch of cheap skates and we could expect to be nickle and dimed the rest of our gaming years.
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Iamback  +   2053d ago
T2 was about to sell to EA year ago for 2.3 billion USD. Sony buy them, and can 360 projects and versions.
Silly gameAr  +   2053d ago
I think he's just trolling.
NothingToGainButLove  +   2053d ago
Awesome, I always like when new IP's come out. They give the gaming market a little mix from the usuals that we see like halo, uncharted, gears, gta etc...

New IP's that introduce new gameplay and successfully battle through a gaming market that gives an edge to well known games like COD are always welcomed.
Focker420  +   2053d ago
Quality over quantity and patience over haste.
qiqi4466   2053d ago | Spam
spektical  +   2053d ago
SONY can buy Take2. If Take2 go under severe financial stress like a while back, expect SONY to be a hid bidder in taking Take2. However, i would think SONY would probably make some sort of arrangement to keep releasing 360 versions, while keeping the ps3 version significantly better.

This may be a possibility in the future as Take Two's performance hasnt been stellar as before.

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