7.0 Green Day: Rock Band Review "Green Day: Rock Band is exactly that, Rock Band specifically geared around Green Day. It doesn't really add anything new to either Rock Band and it certainly doesn't expand the music and rhythm genre. The unlockable content is a nice touch, but it will only really resonate with fans and that's basically what this game is, fan service. Probably not worth checking out for general fans of the genre, but fans of Green Day will find much to appreciate."

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Hardedge2730d ago

Yet another music game I won't be getting.

Kyll2730d ago

generous score for a bad band =/

jammers2730d ago

If it were any other band I probably would've got it. Except maybe Van Halen, Guitar Hero took care of that crap though.

JDouglasGU2730d ago

I can't listen to Green Day, so I likely won't ever play this.

Coramoor_2730d ago

This should've just been a downloadable album or albums instead of this. When will these devs learn that these games just clutter the market

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