Mirai iPhone Review: Super Quick Hook

The Mirai Times writes: "RocketCat Games is looking to bring back the magic of their super successful hit Hook Champ: but this time, it’s in 16-bit form.

Super Quick Hook swung into the App Store recently, and has made quite a splash: garnering the positive attention of both the media, and iTunes users alike. As a huge fan of Hook Champ, I just had to jump into SQH and see what all the fuss was about.While the concept remains heavily the same (tap to swing diagonally), a lot of tweaks have been made to make the series much more enjoyable for casual gamers. For one, there are now checkpoints. I can’t tell you how many times I went through a five minute stage in Hook Champ, only to find myself back at the beginning because of one minor error. While I don’t mind that kind of old-school gameplay, I knew that it definitely affected a lot of the casual community in a very negative way."

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