Blu-ray v. HD DVD: Where do we stand?

Of the 1.5 million Blu-ray players sold in the U.S., 1.4 million are PS3s, according to the Digital Entertainment Group, which promotes both formats.

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THAMMER13923d ago

This chart shows that stand HD DVD alones are out selling Blu Ray 3 to 1. The PS3 Blu Ray feature is boosting Blu Ray to the front so it would seem Blu Ray is leading buy a mile right now.

Real Gambler3923d ago

If like most people, you do a search on the web before you buy any expensive piece of hardware, you'll find out that if you're looking for the best BluRay player, it's still the PS3!!! No fanboyism at all. All the main web sites reviewing BluRay players still give the highest rating to the PS3 (And trust me, those sites could not care less about gaming!). So let me guess... After all that, you would still buy a more expensive standalone player, instead of buying one that is highly rated as a player, but can also play games, surf the web, store all your pictures, movies and so on. Well, not me : )

Turn this around if you will!!! If Toshiba would come out with a HDDVD player that would be the cheapest but the best rated by independant web sites, and it would allow you to surf the web, play games, store your pictures and movies, would you not count it because it can play games??????? I don't think so.

In fact, the same article claim that Target is still selling HDDVD players because it is selling the HDDVD addon for the 360. So, a player is player my friend. If fact, if HDDVD is such a great product, why aren't those HDDVD 360 addons selling like hotcakes?????? With 11 millions 360 in the world, if only 10% would buy the addon, then you would see the tide change... If 50% would buy the addon, then I guess some fans would just start saying that it's a game player and it should not count : )

PS3n3603923d ago

One thing that would make the PS3 bluray player better that you dont hear much about is the possibility to update it via the internet. this is a feature i dont believe is standard on other b-ray players but will be soon as it is standard on HDDVD. If I was gonna buy a bluray player the PS3 would win for me hands down.

rushbd3923d ago

Latest sales records suggest that 6 million Ps3 has been sold globally. (source IGN) And thats not shipped systems . That is actual count of PS3 that are sold. Why does the article suggest there are only 1.4 million PS3s out in the world ??

300K HDDVD vs 6.1 million Blu-ray.

i dont need any other explaination

xmod3923d ago

@rushbd: total ps3's sold globally is 4.48million not 6 million. the 1.4million the site uses might be just US numbers (and outdated numbers at that).

Mr Murda3922d ago

I bought a PS3 for a blu-ray movie player, and I'll eventually get some games for it besides Motorstorm and Resistance.

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Mandangoof3923d ago
BR vs HD-DVD movie sales is now 75-25

No one cares that HD-DVD has more standalones, nor that it may have a higher tie ratio. People care about what movies they can watch, and studios will put movies on the winning format to end the war.

Give it up HD-DVDroids. HD-DVDead is, as the name implies, gone forever.

WilliamRLBaker3923d ago

so you mean the movie studios only care about movies sold and not how many people have the ability to watch said movies?

thats like saying mc donalds only built 100 locations cause they sell 1m burgers a day from those and could sell even more if they had more locations but feel they dont need more locations, by the way the definition of "dead" is no longer alive, not breathing, in sales it means......0 sales.....and hd dvd is selling very well has anyone noticed that over 80% of proponents of blu ray have never seen a bluray film and only support it cause its ps3?

Mu5afir3923d ago

@ WilliamRLBaker

Most of the movie studios have stock on Blu-Ray format, that is why they support it more. It's not just Sony who has a big chunk of the pie, but a lot of the other major movie studios.

Lord Anubis3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

bubble for you desperado. What matters is the number of movie sold. Blu-ray has more players simply because PS3 has a blu-ray player. Those that don't have an HDTV and do have a PS3 will automatically start buying Blu-ray movies. I know I did. I start buying Blu-ray movies as soon as I got my HDTV and others will do the same. As more PS3s are sold the numbers will increase for blu-ray.

With all the latest announcements about blu-ray. There shouldn't be a doubt blu-ray will win very soon.

the worst3923d ago

its doesnt matter 1.4million to 300k
hey hey soon 2 be more

Bloodmask3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

the PS fanbase to do a mass market forced push of their Blu ray format. Which caused the PS3 fans to absorb the added costs in the high pricepoint of PS3 and blindside the install base.

And how do the fanboys react to this trickery?

With thundering applause.

And for everyone that disagrees, I would like to hear your rebuttle. I guess the only rebuttle you have is pressing that (-) feedback button.

Why do all PS3 owners even care? I could care less who wins the format war.

ReBurn3923d ago

Although the fanboys are sure to flame you, I happen to agree with you. Sony used the PS3 as a way to push Blu-ray into the market and secure their investment in the technology. Some portion of the added cost of the PS3 was certainly the result of putting Blu-ray in the box, but nobody knows for sure how much of the cost can be attributed to Blu-ray and how much belongs to other technology. Early adopters were certainly the guinea pigs, but it seems to have worked out well.

I own a PS3 and I love it. Blu-ray playback is awesome. But I didn't buy the PS3 for Blu-ray. With the latest firmware releases and DVD upscaling over HDMI I sure don't regret it.

tethered3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

****Sony used the PS fanbase to do a mass market forced push of their Blu ray format. Which caused the PS3 fans to absorb the added costs in the high pricepoint of PS3 and blindside the install base.

And how do the fanboys react to this trickery?

With thundering applause.

And for everyone that disagrees, I would like to hear your rebuttle. I guess the only rebuttle you have is pressing that (-) feedback button.

Why do all PS3 owners even care? I could care less who wins the format war.****

OK, here is my rebuttal. Ready?
Sony didn't force this on us.
As Sony supporters, we still had options.

Option "A":
Buy a 360.

Option "B":
Hold off for a Wii.

Option "C":
Hold off for a PS3.

Option "D":
Buy nothing at all.

Those options were there for us but we chose to go with option C.
Even with the higher price point.
Even with the year wait.
Even with the lack of games when it first came out. (it will soon get very good)

Do you want to know why we chose the PS3?
Well here it is.

The reason people like myself don't mind paying a little more for a very well made product is that the Original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 gave us hours upon hours of enjoyment. Hours and hours of games that really stuck with us all these years. The PlayStation brand has really treated us well over the years.

You also have to remember that a huge number of people that started gaming on the Original PS, back in 1995, (lets say they were 10 at the time would now be 22) are now at the age where $300.00 more (now its $200 more) than what they paid for the PS2(7 years ago) isn't really a whole lot of money when they remember how much enjoyment they got out of those two systems.

Also take into consideration what other hi-end gadgets are going for in todays world.
The iphone is selling for:
Price - $499 4GB, $599 8GB

I'm really happy with my purchase of a $600.00 game system, HD movie system, computer system (if I really wanted to make it one)

There really are a lot of things going in favor of the PS3 right now.

I will say nothing bad about the competition, MS and Nintendo, because they are both really nice systems and a lot of people are enjoying them.

I had the choice to buy those systems and I still do have the choice.
I still might buy into both those systems someday, but why would I want to leave a great thing?

So there you have it.
My take on it.

And no I was not one of the people that disagreed with you.

BaMYouRDeaD3923d ago

I do not wish to start a flamewar with you, I only wish to state why I disagree with your comment. Even before I had a PS3, I supported Blu-ray. I believe in the better technology. I guess people who have a PS3 care who wins the format war because their system uses Blu-ray and they'd like to see the format of their console succeed.

I myself think Blu-ray should have been put in the PS3, because eventually it will be needed for games. I guess you could use multiple DVD's, but usually doesn't work with open-ended games like Oblivion. (Yes I know Oblivion fits on a DVD, I'm just using it as an example of an open-ended game).

That will be all.

DJ3923d ago

I doubt Sony would have included it in their PS3 system; in fact, they probably would've gone with HD-DVD instead. The storage capacity was needed for games, but they needed additional mass market functionality in order to both offset costs in the near future, as well as guarantee the viability of said format.

Had they pulled a Nintendo and solely chosen a format that could only be used for games, they would be portrayed as stupid and forcing their customers to adopt an expensive technology that they didn't necessarily want to buy into. Blu-ray however has the benefit of being superior to HD-DVD in storage capacity (thus higher quality audio and/or video depending on each title) as well as having the support of 90% of the industry. People complaining about Sony 'forcing a format' onto us seem to magically forget that every Nintendo console up until the Gamecube used proprietary storage formats. In fact, it seems to be that no matter what other companies do, it's Sony that ends up getting the flack.

But no matter. Consumers deeply appreciate the added functionality of their Playstation 3s, and it is this feature that is pushing PS3 titles far and above the accomplishments of titles on rival platforms. Heavenly Sword is over 18 GB. Lair is 25 GB. Even Konami's PES multiplatform title is 18 GB on the PS3, featuring many more stadiums, players, and commentary. Stranglehold even includes the full 1080p version of Hardboiled on the same disc as the game; that's just insane.

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Mu5afir3923d ago

A win for the Blu-Ray format well undoubtedly mean great success for the Ps3. If Blu-Ray is the format of choice, the Ps3 will be the most desirable Blu-Ray player out on the market. Sony has taken a risk, but the rewards for this risk is turning out to be a BIG bonus.

Keep in mind, unlike the other two consoles, the Ps3 is the only console that will support the Blu-Ray format. M$ won't support it, or can't support it because of complications with it's HDMI (1.2) profile etc.. And even if they do, it won't appeal to consumers. After forking up $200 dollars on HD-DVD who wouldn't.

Casual gamers looking for a next gen video player, along with a gaming console will undoubtedly buy the Ps3. In a year, I expect at least 10% of all Ps3 sales to be coming from "non-gamers."

It's a big risk, but you have to admit they are going to get some big rewards.

ReBurn3923d ago

I don't think that a true videophile is going to run out and buy a PS3 to anchor their setup just because of the way the box looks. Someone who wants a high-def player as the centerpiece of their A/V rig is going to buy a standalone player that has the features they want with a more traditional player-type look. The PS3, with its curves and shiny finish doesn't look like it belongs in an upscale A/V rig. It looks like a video game console.

High-def DVD isn't quite ready for prime time, and it won't be until the new format is clear. It's getting there, but its time has not quite come.

Mu5afir3922d ago

The Ps3 is a very sexy looking beast, no one can deny that.. and it's probably the best looking Blu-Ray player on the market. As for futures, that is the very point I was making, the Ps3 has tons of futures that other stand along players don't have.

From the ability to store pictures / video / audio and stream video / pictures etc.. from you PC to the simple ability to play games on one system.. the amount of "futures" on this system in unrivaled.

The Ps3 is the best looking console, no denying it.