Razer Creating TRON: Legacy PC Peripherals writes: "Razer has announced it is creating some new PC gaming peripherals for the upcoming film, TRON: Legacy. The peripheral-maker will create a gaming keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat - each themed in the same style as film characters look while inside the computer system. Details are still a bit sketchy, but we do know that the mouse will feature Razer's..."

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Cajun Chicken2947d ago

Do want. Probably don't need or can afford.

rawrockkillz2947d ago

I was thinking about getting the Starcraft 2 keyboard that Razer is making but I might get this instead. Still gonna wait for the reviews for both of them though.

Charmers2947d ago

hm I am in the market for a new keyboard, for some reason the WASD lettering has worn off my keys. The price for the razor keyboard is a bit steep though for what it offers.

Letros2947d ago

Good sign that there are too many shooters in the market when our WASD letters are wearing off =P