Steam 'Perils of Summer' Sale Offers Deep Discounts Through July 4th

Ex: Valve has announced a massive "Perils of Summer" sale beginning today on Steam.

Through July 4, gamers will find massive savings on today's top releases, classic titles, and publisher catalogs. In addition, special 1-day sales will offer discounts up to 90% off regular prices.


Added today's rather astounding "1 Day Only" specials to article.

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Queasy2943d ago

Now only if my PC worked with games!

pangitkqb2943d ago

Gotta love the big sales. Steam = freakin' sweet :)

Substance1012943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

just bought Bioshock2 for 14usd wooohooo

didnt wanna buy prince of persia but the price was too good pass up 33usd.

People not taking advantage of these sales dont have a clue what they are missing.

killyourfm2943d ago

I love me some capitalism.

TheDeadMetalhead2943d ago

Great, and I don't have any money to get anything. :@

StixRemix2943d ago

Dang, those are some killer deals. I'm so glad Steam is on mac now.

reluctant_gamer2943d ago

But are all the games on Mac?

shadowdancer2943d ago

I think only a fraction of them are.

reluctant_gamer2943d ago

Jesus, Trine is only 4 bucks!?

shadowdancer2943d ago

that's about as awesome as the BioShock2 price. glad i waited!

killyourfm2943d ago

That really borders on free...

Charmers2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Ha the steam page has crashed with all the activity. Not much there that interests me, I think I am going to stop buying games just because they are a "deal" and stick to buying games that actually interest me.

Edit - I don't usually do this but I have to love the moron that disagreed with me. I wonder which part of my statement did they disagree with ? Was it the bit where I said that "none of these games interest ME" or was it the fact I said "I am going to be a bit more careful with MY money and only buy games that interest ME" ?

killyourfm2943d ago

I hear ya, but their damn specials always appeal to the digital packrat inside of me. The cash practically leaps out.

mcgrawgamer2943d ago

@ charmers I don't disagree with your statement but to add to it. Like you I too am a little more cautious with my money. But I love these types of steam deals. For me it's just like buying a used game for the 360 or ps3 only this way the initial investment isn't bad 4 bucks compared to 20 bucks at gamestop and if you miss the 7 day turnaround at gamestop the same game will trade in for what 3 bucks?

From personal experience zeno clash, the stalker series, chains, torchlight, defense grid, overlord, fuel, and world of goo are a few examples of games I most likely would have overlooked this generation had it not been for the great deals that steam provided. Thank God I've yet to make a bad purchase on steam but if I do and it'll happen eventually the investment of 15 bucks or less will be a much easier pill to swallow than 20+ for a used game at gamestop

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The story is too old to be commented.