Interplay Announces MDK 2 WiiWare, HD

That Gaming Site writes: "Interplay has announced plans to bring MDK 2 to WiiWare, the company also outed an HD remake of the title for PC. Both ports will be handled by Beamdog which was founded by ex BioWare employees, some of whom originally worked on MDK 2."


Statement from Interplay on how the WiiWare version will fit into 40 MB.

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Cajun Chicken2888d ago


Now get Planet Moon right on a port of MDK 1 now!

Cajun Chicken2888d ago

This is the best news I've heard since Croteam announced Serious Sam HD! Thanks for the alt source of the announcement from Interplay to see with my own eyes!

They need to bring that HD remake to PS3...and 360...I guess.

Montrealien2887d ago

rofl wasnt this the Bioware MDK? Cool news nonetheless.

Elven62887d ago

Given Beamdog's history of being made up of ex BioWare/ MDK2 team members I think there is a good chance that we could see something by Planet Moon for the first title if it ever happened.

Weird that they would go directly to MDK2 though and not do the first game but I'm sure they had their reasons, hopefully they get to it later.

Cajun Chicken2887d ago

MDK2 was better known, really. I wonder what Nick Bruty has to say about this? as I said, he's been posting lots of comments about MDK the last few months...

Jesus! This has made me so excited! Interplay are actually doing SOMETHING with the MDK licence at last! Hope for a sequel still!

Solidus187-SCMilk2887d ago

This game was really hard, especially the controls. I wonder how they will use the wii mote for this.

I used to love putting the slow motion cheat in at the parts where you mow down aliens as MAX(the dog).
I also loved that cut scene where max runs over the farting aliens at the beginning.

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pangitkqb2887d ago

I didn't expect it on Wii. :)

Elven62887d ago

Likewise, would have hoped for XBLA/PSN myself but hopefully these do well enough to warrant that.

I'm a day one for the PC update though!

Titanz2887d ago

The hardest game known to man!(And women for that matter :D).

STONEY42887d ago

MDK2! I loved this on Dreamcast and PS2, I'm so happy for an HD remake for PC.

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