How Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Commentaries Can Improve Your Game

Bright Hub writes: "Studying how some of the finest players approach each round by watching Battlefield: Bad Company 2 commentaries can help make all the difference between stunning victory and crushing defeat, and between your teammates showering you with praise or cursing your name."

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mrv3212799d ago

Here's two tips,

Snipers snipe, don't complain your being sniped there's PLENTY of cover... even better just switch to a sniper class and kill them. You can only complain if your on the attackers side and there's 10 snipers

WALLS GO BOOM, TANKS MAKE WALLS GO BIG BOOM. Don't complain you where killed but shouldn't have, a wall is not cover in real life, just because games don't have much destruction doesn't mean it's stupid.

Simonkey752799d ago

Totally agree - you can't just run 'n gun in BC2, playing superhero soldier. It requires a whole different mindset to Modern Warfare 2. It gets so annoying when your squad mates blindly run off into the open and get sniped or hole up in a tiny shack with a whopping great enemy tank rolling down the road towards them.

mrv3212799d ago

Or better yet when they REFUSE to change class despite not doing too well... and moan that the tank is killing them and where's my A.T guys.

bjornbear2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

my problem is half my team almost ALWAYS has people like that

I've had people charge at enemy camp with tank SUPER fast not even considering mines...and BOOM -_-

when you see that type of game play, you know he isn't aware of what game he's playing.

in a squad each member should be one class = best strategy for MOST situations FACT.

ASSASSYN 36o2799d ago

Walls are not cover in real life!? Seems so affective in Iraq. Even Afghanistan. Weird.

xplosneer2799d ago

That in real life, a squad of people will not have more then half the team running around with 4-8 rockets with a 2M kill radius, plus they fly at about 3/4 the speed of a bullet.

Seriously, realism arguments are lame.

(For the record, I really think there are too many explosives in BC2, to the point where cover is lucrative.

dragonelite2799d ago

When there are 5 snipers on attackers when i arm a crate why dont the mortar strike it to keep defense away.

thewhoopimen2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Still doesn't counter the fact that Snipers are cheap and coupled with mortar strikes and the stupid scout scope, they don't "need" to exactly see where you are. Just kind of know where the popular cover-to-cover transition spots are and have the scope do the work for finding targets. if you can't hit'em u mortar em. You mortar objectives after charges are set or you motor the building down and destory it, and to me it's gaming with very little skill.

I play engineer and assault class and do pretty well, but I can't help noticing how easy it is to score better with less deaths being a sniper. I don't think they contribute well to the overall "team" effort am somewhat glad they nerfed the class in normal mode, but I usually play hardcore anyway... so it doesn't change much for me.

Garnett2798d ago

Thats what we need, more noob camping-snipers.

ASSASSYN 36o2796d ago

Yeah because snipers are supposed to run 'n' gun and stand out in the open to be shot on a regular basis. s/c

Give me a break. Get over the camp argument.

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Simonkey752799d ago

Yeah, it's a great game but dear god you need decent teammates on your side or you're screwed.

spektical2799d ago

you cant expect to be rambo and win the game by yourself with BC2. I tried.. doesnt work. I've been on teams with half the team being wookies, or being on a team that didnt know bullets do no damage to tanks.. >.>... i've seen it all.

bjornbear2798d ago

i've played so many matches, i know some basic mistakes and i cn tell when my team will loose instantly, even before the end (many of you too im sure)

when im in a "rambo" team, i almost always quit simply because its more suicide than gaming =(

in this game:

no team = no chance

Aggesan2799d ago

Here's a good tip that a lot of peaople don't now of. The cover smoke perk removes tracer darts from your vehicle, including helicopters. Very usefull!

xplosneer2799d ago

When you're flying a blackhawk and there's a tracer that isn't removed because it's out of the area the smoke removes. Lame.

ChronoJoe2799d ago

Lol to be fair commentaries only improve your game if you're pretty damn dumb.

ThanatosDMC2799d ago

HAHAHAH! I was gonna write something similar but you stole it. Bubbles up!

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