GoldenEye 007 doesn't include The Complex, but is so accurate that it keeps the Unreachable Island

From Gaming Target: "I relived my fondest 64-bit memories thanks to an Activision E3 appointment at which I got the chance to play the enhanced GoldenEye 007 on Wii."

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Smacktard2856d ago

Meh, Complex sucked anyways.

KingJFS2856d ago

You said it. Temple all the way!

SwiderMan2856d ago

No way, Complex was always king with its "tower" hideouts and closet/vents where you could outwit your friends.

AAACE52856d ago

Complex was the best level! I used to have Goldeneye parties at my house with upwards of 30 people and the Complex was the most popular level that people played!

I liked the Temple and all, but for someone to say Complex sucked, you must be crazy!

MonopolyRSV2856d ago

You won't be getting Temple either since it's not in the film.

PoSTedUP2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

complex was good. my fav was the bunkers. singleplayer my favorite was all of them. oh man dont get me started...

the facility: i would shoot Oramovf early with the golden gun at the end so me and trevelyan can shoot it out for hours with non stop waves of enemys coming, omg that was so much fun.

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Smacktard2856d ago

Meh. Facility was always my favorite Multiplayer level. Complex was probably like my least-played.

Trunkz Jr2856d ago

I liked Facility a lot also, especially when you used the Gameshark and you could go ALL the way back lol

BWS19822856d ago

Complex was one of the most intricate and well-balanced levels in the game, as well as in Perfect Dark. Brilliantly built and paced.

Fierce Musashi2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I wonder what ELSE this game isn't going to include.

lpfisher2856d ago

Which sucks... Brosnan was definitely a better Bond than fricken Daniel Craig.

El_Colombiano2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )


ally123452856d ago

I like Daniel Craig as much as the next guy, but Goldeneye is Pierce Brosnan's freaking movie. He arguably reinvigorated the Jamed Bond series with Goldeneye. Its a terrible shame they decided to dump him from a game that should be his.

Megaton2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Yeah I just don't understand why they did it at all. Why swap out the Bond, of all things? It's a really nonsensical change.

Rocket Sauce2856d ago

I thought maybe they were trying to update it to appeal to people who were too young to remember Goldeneye and Pierce Brosnan...but why would they care about a remake anyway?

So far, it doesn't look much like the N64 game or the movie - it just looks like Call of Duty wearing a really cheap Goldeneye costume.

BWS19822856d ago

by contract now, that's why. Pierce's contract is over, so he can't be released with new licensed products as Bond anymore, that has to go to Daniel Craig. It's all legal/contract-based...

T9X692856d ago

No gonna lie, I saw a video of GoldenEye MP and it looked like shit. Nothing like the original at all, I have a feeling Acitivision is going to ruine such a classic game.

Dramscus2856d ago

activision are pro's at dead horse humping

El_Colombiano2856d ago

I agree, it looks like Call of Duty. WHY did Nintendo go to ACTIVISION!?

Dramscus2856d ago

cause every dumb ass out there loves call of duty and nintendo wants some of that pie

kissmeimgreek2856d ago

because Activision owns the liscense to the Bond game franchise. Nintendo couldnt release Goldeneye without their permission and Acti probably wouldnt let them unless they published it so it really was the only option. Im sure MS tried to do the same with Acti to get golden eye on LIVE.

-MD-2856d ago

Complex was my favorite level. Pretty much killed my excitement for this one.

Megaton2856d ago

Same. A lot of things have kinda irked me about this remake since it was announced, but that really does suck. Creeping around in the vents and popping my unsuspecting friends in the back was classic.

Would have preferred a straight port, HD or not, for whatever console. Think there was one already pretty much finished for the 360 before some legal shenanigans derailed it. I remember seeing screenshots for something like that a year or so ago.

theDutchFella2856d ago

Complex, Automatics, License to Kill.

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