PlayStation Plus: Your Questions Answered

PS Blog: PlayStation Nation — First off, thank you for all of your feedback regarding PlayStation Plus. There have been a lot of comments and questions surrounding some of the details of the new subscription service so we wanted to provide a little clarification leading up to its availability on June 29th. It’s a lot of info, but hopefully this helps answer most of your questions.

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dizzleK2918d ago

what advantages does psn+ have over, lets say, a train;which i can also afford.

callahan092918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

So you pre-ordered and got a PS3 at launch... why would that possibly mean you should get a PS+ subscription for free?

Edit @ Press_Agree: So what? That's what it cost 4 years ago. Some of us paid 600, some paid 500, some paid 400, and some now are paying 300. Tech gets cheaper as time goes on. He paid more for his system 4 years ago than people are paying now, but the system also cost more to produce 4 years ago than it does now.

Edit @ disagree: You can't possibly think that anybody that bought a PS3 at launch is justified in expecting something like PS+ for free? It wasn't part of the deal when you bought your console. You don't expect to get Gran Turismo 5 for free, do you? Then why would any other product that they come out with during the life of the console be something you should expect to be given to you for free?

Press_Agree2918d ago

Cause he paid $600 for it.

BryanBegins2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

This is ridiculous. You paid $600 but you enjoyed your ps3 for a longer period than people who bought it at $400. Anyway, when you bought it, you estimated that you valued the ps3 enough to pay $600. And this estimation was made without any knowledge that a PSN+ would be coming. So you really can't justify your point of view.

If you hate overpaying for consoles at launch when there is no real good games, then do like me: wait for a price cut after 1 or 2 years.

thisguywithhair2918d ago

Why did you keep that receipt anyways?

lpfisher2918d ago

Good for you bro, a lot of people bought their PS3 at launch. You expect free shit for it? Get over yourself.

Wrathman2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

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Colonel-Killzone2918d ago

What advantages do you get from trolling ? Absolutely nothing.

I_find_it_funny2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

As for now I'm not paying.

I don't want PS1 classics, I don't want minis, I don't want themes, I don't want avatars, I don't want all this crap, for me those things have no value at all, so there is no "saving" in paying for Plus. I'd never buy those things anyway.

What I want is features that will make my gaming experience easier and more social. As for now it's a wast of time and money.

ExPresident2918d ago

I don't care much for the PS1 classics but I'll take a PSN title and a couple mini's, especially Tetris if they ever give that out. The option to get into BETA's early is also a big bonus, that being able to play a full game title for an hour to "try before you buy" is a very good feature.

I_find_it_funny2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Yes, I'm not bashing PSN, I love it but still PS+ at launch almost exclusivly have pretty weak stuff, betas, full game trails, lower prices, it's all cool but features like this you can add anytime, they been working on this this many years?
Where's one-button-message vewing when in-game, where's universal party system, where's chat, where's the ability to group friends, where's better messaging, better browser. I'm not saying all this should be included but come on.
Automatic updates and installs, WOW, really jaw dropping.
I want new, useful features, whats new to PSN? Nothing.

Sony I'm disappoint

And I don't live in USA/UK , I'm not interested in music/video/tv/radio/live sports deals, it's not coming to my country anyway.

Anon19742918d ago

I wouldn't mind trying some mini's. It's fun to just jump into a simple, mindless game every now and then. I'm a sucker for dynamic themes, I was already subscribing to Qore and I'll get the chance to try out game that I might not normally play if they weren't offered as part of this service.

For the price of one game a year? That's worth it to me.

nunley332918d ago

those PS1 games are some of the PSN's biggest sellers like the Final Fantasy games so your in the minority. I paid $500 for my 80gb but i didn't want the cheaper,stripped down version so i got the more expensive one and never regretted it and it has PS2 bc in it too.

ExPresident2918d ago

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing them putting PS1 classics in there, I've got an original 60GB with full BC. I just don't play any old games, I like the new stuff minus going back to play some FF7 and God of War games.

I was just saying even without counting the PS1 classics you still get a good deal.

gamerzBEreal172918d ago

"Cross-game voice chat is a feature we know our passionate user base has asked for and we’ll continue to look at as a viable offering for the PlayStation Network."
it didn't say PS+ 8)

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Shadow Flare2918d ago

i dont care if i get slammed for saying this but to me, psn+ looks pretty duff. I'll explain why:

Games - I already own all the games off psn that i really wanted to own. And paying $50 to get "free" games in the long run doesnt seem like a huge saving as i dont buy a huge amount of games off psn. Plus i would lose those games if i stopped subscribing. Sorry, that is just crap.

None of those other features interest me enough to pay $50 for. The only feature im interested in is auto updates. But for the sake of waiting a few minutes for the rare update, i'd rather save $50. And what worries me is they claim it will auto download demos. Uh, no thanks! Cos i'd delete most. That to me is just like shoving adverts in your face. Sorry but if im gonna pay $50 then (yeah, i'm gonna go there) i want it to be as advanced as Xbox Live. Live is known to be really slick and intergrated, and psn+ to me is poor in comparison. They need to add way better incentives then that. IMHO

BryanBegins2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I won't pay for PSN+ for the same reasons as you. But your argument against Live is weak. First of all, I own all three consoles and I'm sorry, but PSN (in 2010, not in 2006) is equivalent to Live, I will never understand why people keep saying Live is so much superior. Cross-game chat, really?

Then if you look at the value you're getting for 50$ a year, I would have to go with PSN+. Sorry dude but on Live, you pay 50$ to, basically, be able to enjoy your games (i.e: playing online in Halo 3 or MW2) and you get facebook. On PSN+, you get all that, plus free games and stuff.

Too bad, your argument was good until you went that route.

R_aVe_N2918d ago

First of of all people pay for Live "just so they can play online PERIOD" Live has nothing worth mentioning that is better than PSN. Live offers nothing different really but cross game chat and I think that is just stupid.

Shadow Flare2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

you know what, forget live. Its not its features i was really thinking about, just more the slicker 'always connected to Live' feel it has. But that wasn't my main point. I just want PSN+ to have much better incentives. Personally, i would like psn to have much more full retail games available for download. Then i'd think it was probably worth the cost to get those for free. But its the fact that you lose them if you stop subscribing. Basically im just not sold on the idea of psn+ yet. Thats all

btw i completely agree with both of you

nunley332918d ago

Yeah just like the ads you pay $50 to see on live and it isn't more advanced, it has one or two more things that will come to the psn later and i don't need those anyways. I wouldn't use xross game chat and is pretty dumb, the other features of plus are more useful and when steam gets going on psn it will pass up live in a big way!

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Queasy2918d ago

The news of no free full game that can be kept even after ending the subscription like the EU is getting is disappointing.

Microsoft_Spokesman2918d ago

Man, after seeing this I don't think I'll be getting PSN+. I have almost all the games that they mentioned.

DA_SHREDDER2918d ago

I think this is ridiculous. Listen, I love my ps3, I love Sony, Always have always will. But seriously, you getting all those games for free every month aint really free if you have to pay $50 just to get them. Dee Dee Dee.

But ya, Finally, at least they acknowledged the fact we want cross game chat, and for that I will buy this to support my favorite gaming company next to Nintendo. The ps3 with cross game chat, and all of this will be more than xbox live could ever be.

ExPresident2918d ago

Your paying $50 for a year which is 4 games free a month. That doesn't include everything else. You clearly get more value out of the program than the $50 you pay in.

Nitrowolf22918d ago

Adding Avatar and themes, plus Qore that alone is around 25$ a year. I really think Sony should expand this and add the Video store to this.

callahan092918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

It's actually 50 dollars for 15 months. You get 1 PSN game per month, 2 minis per month, and 1 PSone classic per month. Let's say PSN games are worth 10 bucks average, PSone classics are worth 6 bucks average, and minis are worth 4 bucks average, that's 15*10 + 15*6 + 15*4*2 = $360 worth of games for $50. In addition, you'll get premium avatars & themes + DLC for some games, and a Qore subscription, which adds additional monetary value to the subscription. Finally, you get full-game trials, you get exclusive demos & beta access, you get automatic software updates.

You're actually getting over $400 worth of content & features for a period of 15 months for your 50 dollars. Sounds like a good value.

Microsoft_Spokesman2918d ago

I'll probably get flamed for this, but I remember when Qore was stated to exclusive beta access. There were hardly any beta for Qore, and all were given out with problems and delays.

will112918d ago

What do you mean the "Finally" accepted the fact of Cross Game Chat. We all thought we were getting it in FW 3.00 over a year ago.

SilverSlug2918d ago

- If you buy PSN Plus, you download your games. Does this mean you have to sign in to play them EVERY TIME?

I mean, what if PSN or your Internet is down? Doesn't PS3 have a internal clock that you can't modify?

Philaroni2918d ago

Very good question + Bubbles

I would post on the blog and see if you get your answer, If that is the case its not that big of deal as you can't do much of anything when your net is down in this day and age of gaming.

Nitrowolf22918d ago

Here is your answer (my guess and i think its right)

The game will have an expiration date of when your sub ends. Its like when you look at beta info it shows when it starts and when it will end. That is most likely how its going to be.

The expiration date ends with your sub.

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