VGDomain: Where is Prototype 2?

After the announcement of Infamous 2, I'm very surprised there wasn't a Prototype 2 announcement.

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Cajun Chicken2893d ago

I have to agree with not seeing a Prototype 2. I want it! I want it!

Better story this time though, obviously better graphics but everything else was so damn enjoyable about the game.

I hope Radical are working on this and not further raping Crash Bandicoot's soul and legacy, they suit this kind of game a lot more.

UnSelf2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


lol i knew Cajun was gon be in here. i seriously think me and you were the only 2 on this site that was hyped for Prototype.

Its the only game i Plat'd and my personal GOTY 09

deadreckoning6662893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Prototype was a very enjoyable game...just not worth the $60 I paid for it. The abilities Mercer had were awesome, but the game had many flaws.

-Story could have been alot better
-Character models and animations were subpar
-Most buildings weren't destructible(this is mainly why I think Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was better)
-The city and its pedestrians were bland and unlively
-The game got old fast

I wouldn't buy a sequel unless all the above things I mentioned get improved upon. Co-op would be nice as well.

Cajun Chicken2893d ago

Prototype was my pre-Crackdown 2.

deepmovievoice2893d ago

i agree. let sleeping bandicoots lie, and give me more mutant mass murdering! its one of the few games you dont get punished for just wailing on people

dizzleK2893d ago

why would there be a sequel to a mediocre game that's completely forgotten about?

basicsameh5142893d ago

there is alot of mediocre games like wkc..wait there making a sequel?! prototype unlike those games was fun

im saying this because in one of your comments you said you like wkc

sikbeta2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

WKC is mediocre? Yeah... if you're a FPS-lover...


The Thing I liked about the Game was the "feel" of Madness-Destruction, other than that, It wasn't that Good Imo

deepmovievoice2893d ago

Perfect? No. Garbage? Not Really.

Iron man was garbage. Yaris was garbage

UnSelf2893d ago

let em hate deep

it was trash just like Infamous was trash.

(gasp!) Infamous wasnt trash?? then neither was Prototype

sikbeta2893d ago

lol you go too far with that comparison, Iron-man the Game sucks Bad..

stuntman_mike2893d ago

i agree prototype wasnt garbage but was very flawed gameplay and the story was pretty poorly done.


how you can even compare prototype to infamous is a joke, infamous beats the hell out of prototype and the second one looks even better.

but i hope radical make another prototype it had potential.

UnSelf2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

gamers this gen are the worst i have ever seen. ya r so caught up in how a game looks that it pleases ya more so than the gameplay itself.

As bland as Ptype may have been it offered almost an infinite amount of playability and ways to tackle certain missions. You had a MYRIAD of powers ranging in everything. In infamous all u had was electricity. And when that drain u just go to a power source and charge. Then repeat.

Yes infamous was a great game but i partly believe a lot of that was due to its comparison to Prototype. No one and i mean absolutely no one gave Ptype a fair chance and judged it on its fun factor. Reviewers are a joke but u gamers are a laughing stock.

PS3 fans are the worst because they come from a generation where visuals werent they best selling point and learn to appreciate and love games based on how FUN they were and not how GOOD they looked. It seems like almost everyone forgot just a few years ago that it was Xbox fans who kept rubbing gfx in our faces, now its the other way around. Hypocrisy doesnt even begin to describe it.

Yea Prototype isnt perfect because of its many flaws including its abysmal graphics. But that is a far-cry from its gameplay and if you really wanna compare Ptype's gameplay to InFamous, we can do that.

in fact.....allow me: Please, only ppl who owned both games read, as everyone elses opinion is asinine.

Power Variety: Prototype, no need to explain

Speed factor: Prototype

Climbing: Infamous

Ways of traversing: Prototype. Infamous just had running, a hovering move, and gliding on wires. Prototype had tanks, running, speed upgrades, a dash, air dash all upgradeable, a helicopter, a arm that can latch on to things, and an armored Alex that can plow through anything.

Destruction: Prototype. its biggest selling point.

Mission Variety: Infamous, just barely.

Ways of tackling missions: Prototype. I can disguise myself, fight my way in. Use a tank. Use a helicopter. Use any one of my multiple powers. Use help from the Infected. Use help from the military.

Side Missions: Infamous. though i thoroughly enjoyed Ptype's side missions, Infamous' were more fleshed out.

Story: Infamous

Sound: Equal

Pacing: Equal

Replayability: Infamous. It had Karma choices. Nuff said.

As you can see i purposely left out gfx simply because that seems to be the only merits in which games nowadays are judge on. Prototype is the exception that proves the rule.

As simple looking as MVC2, is still the most played and wanted fighting game ever made. You gfx whores are cheap like real whores, and ya wouldnt know a fun game if it was up ya ass

callahan092893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Personally speaking, and again I reiterate personally -- this is an opinion, so don't bite my head off, please...I thought Prototype was absolutely garbage. Trash. Definitely. As bad as Iron Man, if not worse. I hated it. Terrible mission structures and world design, lame story & characters, mediocre graphics (and that's being generous) coupled with bad animations, poorly implemented controls, abilities, gameplay mechanics, boss fights, success/failure conditions, enemy A.I., need I go on? For me, it's easily one of the worst games I've played this generation. I honestly don't understand what anybody could have liked about it, it was just such an unbearable chore to play. The original Crackdown and the original inFamous, those are shining examples of this genre done right. Prototype shouldn't even be compared to those two excellent games.

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