Global publisher killed UK games tax break

Sources close to Develop claim that one of the world’s largest game publishers is to blame for UK’s games tax break getting canned.

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Cajun Chicken2948d ago

Possible publishers. EA - Criterion Games, Activision - Bizarre Creations.

My bet is the one with the 'A' in it.

Slient Knight 92948d ago

its shame a new government already going back on there promises, this is one of reasons why gaming and government don't mix.

mrv3212948d ago

I'm not overly fond of the new Government, their emergency budget seems overboard BUT then again they know more than I do... and I'm sure they are not protecting the larger companies who gave them money for the election... :P

Karum2948d ago

It does seem a very harsh budget but I can't help thinking that tough changes had to be made considering the position Labour put the UK in.

kharma452948d ago

What promise was that? If you mean the game tax breaks, that was proposed under Labour and was not a Conservative policy, hence why it's been scrapped.

Cajun Chicken2948d ago

Well, it's the case we hardly own any of our developers anymore and I'm not quite sure who's fault that is. Sure, we have talent, but it's being sold by bigger companies outside of the UK.

Slient Knight 92948d ago

well said, same could be said about other industries in the UK mini copper and now cadburys come to mind.

off topic but i hope we beat the germans.

Tomdc2948d ago

if we do it labours way though the slow methodical aproach it hurts more in the long run cos the interest on all that debt stacks up. I like the new coalition personally :)

Lucreto2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

They should go to Ireland. I believe there are or will be tax breaks in the country. They also have the lowest corporation tax in Europe which is a big plus.

Bioware is opening in Ireland next year.

Realtime Worlds threatened at the end of last year to move to Ireland if the UK didn't give tax breaks for the industry

tomisnever2948d ago

Forgive me for my ignorance, but what effect will this have on the gaming industry in the U.K?

Slient Knight 92948d ago

i guess it means it be struggle for them to produce any high standard games since alot money going to taxman so won't be able afford high end equipment, extra staff etc most projects would be canned.

tdrules2948d ago

they are based in Canada, due to the massive tax break they get there.
they feared they would lose their work force...

Fatmanp2948d ago

it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if it was any publisher associated with a canadian studio because Tiga are always complaining that devs go to Canada because there is not enough money in it over here