Is Microsoft Working on Yet Another New Gaming Console Aimed for 2011?

Microsoft has been in the spot light recently; pushing out new content, hardware with the 360 S, and Kinect. But has Microsoft been working and testing a new gaming console to lead the next generation all along? Are they ready to release a new console in 2011?

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steve30x2947d ago

I wouldnt doubt it. They have to start some time. It takes years of devdlopment to develop new hardware and if they start now with research for the next two years and then take three years in the hardware development and testing then they should be ready for the release of their next console in five years.

dangert122947d ago

no mater how good it is after being on the reciving end of ms during this gen i know i will never pay for there consoles after this gen i didt realise how bad you are treated buy them even as a gold member people on psn get the better deal

Conloles2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Please be true, let Kinect fail and let the PC go forwards finally! Having said that this article has just misinterpreted a quote.

Hacker2947d ago

Good for u at least thats one ass who won't be buying ms console.

dangert122947d ago

one disagree'er please tell me why you disagree
near enough everything you get as a gold member on 360 normal psn users get,

minus trials,cross game chat and voice messages
thats not worth £30-40 a year then the ps3
even as a gold member there is still alot you have to buy nothing really opens up but online multiplayer

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32947d ago

I didn't agree or disagree with you...cause I don't really care what you buy or don't buy. But more than likely I'll be getting the new Xbox when it comes out...fuck what you heard, lol!!!!

OSU_Gamer2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

XBL has treated me superbly. I happily pay for it. I have been a member for 7 years, and I pay less now than I did seven years ago. Explain that. YOu can complain all you want. $3.33 a month for xbox live gold is NOT expensive.

I also had one xbox fail on me and it was returned fixed and shipped back within a week and a half and for free. I still have never doubted the day I bought a 360 and I will buy the next xbox.

I also have the phat PS3 right next to it.

@danger specifically

You may like PSN better for free, but there are millions of people who are PAYING for a service when there is a free alternative. What does that tell you about what they think of the free alternative? Maybe that's why you are getting disagrees. That's why you got mine.

gtamike2947d ago

Maybe this console will work.
Red ring of death V3 coming soon :)

Big Frank2946d ago


"i didt realise how bad you are treated buy them"

Treated bad? WTF! Yeah someone F'ed up designing the console, but treated bad? They gave out 3yr warrenties for gods sake! Being treated bad is them not doing anything like sony with the PS2s disk read error.even as a gold member people on psn get the better deal

"even as a gold member people on psn get the better deal"

You are dumb. Use both services. PSN is a poor mans Live, thats why it's free! No-one would be willing to pay for it!

BakedGoods2946d ago

...every fanboy and their mom would jump ship and head to the PS3.

Cenobia2946d ago

You need someone to explain to you why you pay less for almost the same thing 7 years later?

I really don't understand this "I love paying $3.33 a month" perspective. When MS finally drops the subscription fee is everyone going to be saying "Oh, that's too bad! I just fudging loved paying money for XBL...maybe I'll just burn that money now, or use it to buy toilet paper and contemplate the symbolism."

No, you'll all say "about god dam time" and you know it.

KaBaW2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

That's retarded, man. They made a mistake.
You think they won't learn from it? Really?
I'm not saying the next will be flawless, though.

I'm not attacking, but the PS2 had it's fair share of problems.
But, guess what, I still got a PS3. And, the PS3 works great!

No company is perfect..

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steve30x2947d ago

Its obvious that those that disagreed with me have no Idea how Research and Development (R & D) goes. New hardware isnt just magically developed over a six month period. It takes years to research and develop new hardware.


It actually takes only 3 years from concept to prototype to finish once they have what they need.

But the research before the final concept obviously starts way before then.

Nihilism2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

"It actually takes only 3 years from concept to prototype to finish

Why don't you pull some more "facts" from your ass, it clearly takes years but to say "3" like it is a solid development time that never changes it B.S. Fibre optic cables were discovered in the 60' took 40 years for that tech to take off, development time ill always vary with complexity.

So right now if I were to decide to create cold fusion it would take me exactly 3 years to perfect it?, because apparently development time is universal...

Aphe2947d ago

ULTIMATE_REVENGE - The Console Hardware Development God. He knows all.

For he did say -

"And let it be known that the Concept to Prototype time limit shall be 3 years!"

And so it was.

Consoldtobots2946d ago

fiber took 40 years to take off because of the EXPENSE not the technology.

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Donny2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

im thinking the 360 still can go on for another 2 or 3 years, look at the ps2, its last gen like the xbox360 and its still being sold . ive actually seen one at walmart the other day and was shocked.

CQCDantheman2947d ago

yeah some people still buy the ps2, because it has a good selection of games.

MorganX2947d ago

Depends. If PS3 developers exploit the extra storage capacity afforded by Blu-ray to make Xbox versions of multiplats look dated, they will have to do something sooner. I don't know that that will happen, and I don't know if the new XBox can use an external BD to play games.

VoicesInMyHead2947d ago

I don't understand why they are thinking of a new console when the 360 is still broken (even the new slim).....

Just like a fellow Microsoft product known as Vista......

dtalon32946d ago

how exactly is the new slim broken? because there are a couple of reported failures? When everyone in the world is scrutinizing something your bound to find a blemish. Every system...better yet Every Electronic device has a percentage of hardware I would love to see your hard data when the system has not even been out for a month.

secondly stop bitching about vista and move on...its called Windows 7, upgrade to it and experience a much better product than vista could ever hope to be. fucking complainer is what you sound like to me.

VoicesInMyHead2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

LOL...have you not seen the news about the RDoD? or the video of the guy whom posted 2 of them up of his new slim, broken xbox 360 ON THIS WEBSITE!

Oh and my comment is aimed at MicroS#!t's handling of both situations. A windows 7 upgrade should have been free to all Vista users. Instead, I bought a PS3 after my 360 broke 2 years ago and I got a Macbook last year....I havent had a problem with either since....

So have a nice day with your broken problems from a broken company you retard

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Joule2947d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they made an "Xbox Portable", I mean they did make the Xbox to compete with the Playstation and Nintendo. It's competition and anyways it would be the right time to release the portable, with the 3DS coming out and possibly the PSP 2, a Xbox Portable would be great.

Newtype2946d ago

They do have one, it's called Zune HD and it failed horribly.

Anon73492946d ago Show
Cenobia2946d ago

Who would make xbox portable games though? They don't have enough first party devs.

If they made a portable that played most XBL games (linking directly to XBL, etc), I could see that taking off. I don't see MS surviving in the traditional portable market though. Nintendo has that by the balls.

Pistolero2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

2011 is possible...but i think 2012 is a lot more likely. these companies have invested a lot of money into this generation and I think they will want it to go as long as possible....but if people think this generation will go much longer than that they are probably going to be surprised....i doubt sony or nintendo will go past 2012 or 2013 at the latest.
the 360 will be 7 years old in 2012...that is a very long lifespan for a console. the 360 will continue to be sold but i think it will have a much more powerful big brother by that time selling to gamers that want the absolute best in console graphics.

MorganX2947d ago

Fall 2011 Xbox with integrated Kinect. 2012, new Xbox. That sounds feasible.

Wikkid6662947d ago


How do you think MS is going to integrate Kinect into a 360? I would love to know this.

AAACE52947d ago

Apparantly you don't know how these things work! MS, Sony and Nintendo started work on their next consoles after they released the current ones. It wouldn't have taken to many resources to redesign the 360 S, because all of the main hardware was already there.

If they do release a new console, it will probably be in 2012!

nickjkl2946d ago

but they put in 5 million years of research and development for the 360s

ProjectVulcan2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

The interesting thing for me is where the CPU for a new machine is going to come from. Microsoft seemingly already have a contract with Ati in place for the GPU of their next machine, but IBM PowerPc development from the past few years has fallen further behind x86 as intel really push the boundaries, and as big customers like apple step further into the waiting arms of intel's x86 family.

Its not inconceivable that microsoft could once again turn back to x86 and maybe even AMD, considering how AMD have now integrated Ati fully. Maybe AMD will offer up microsoft a CPU to go alongside the Ati GPU likely to be seen inside their next generation console

catguykyou2946d ago

Maybe Microsoft will go back to using straight up off the shelf pc parts like they did with xbox and put an i7 in the console.

jay22947d ago

Won't be 5YR's away.

Blacktric2947d ago

Yeah Microsoft has been in the spotlight. The spotlight of shame.

Persistantthug2946d ago

But aimed for 2011?
No way.

Microsoft just put out this slim partly due BECAUSE of the issues 360 has continually had.

If they were to bring a new console out so soon, significantly fewer people would adopt the new one. Sure there would be some fools to still adopt a new 360 early, but MANY more would not, and rightfully so.

Microsoft brought the slim out and even changed its look as well as its color for a erase the "bad problems" out of the minds (mindshare) of the consumer, and it takes time for that.

2011 new XBOX 3/720/etc...NOT going to happen.

sid4gamerfreak2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

please..just let Kinect fail Microsoft...please...let it go...

catguykyou2946d ago

As soon as the 360 was done, they start designing the new console. Thats how it works, same with sony and nintendo. Otherwise those teams would just sit around doing nothing. All consoles until now have had about a 5 year time span between releases. PS1 -> ps2 5 years
ps2 ->ps3 5 years
xbox ->360 5 years
Its all the same. I expect to see announcements about new consoles by next year. I expect to see releases in late 2012, mid 2013 with support continuing for current consoles lasting another few years after.

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NotoriousWarrior2947d ago

lol five years, i think MS will release it way sooner than that.

frankymv2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

xbox 720 in fall 2011 Guaranteed

Moentjers2947d ago

right, they already did it once.

Let's hope the QA team this time does it's job or... gets enough time to finish testing.

Pistolero2947d ago

what are talking about?...the 360 launched in november of 2005 so it is almost 5 years if a new Xbox came out in fall 2011 that would mean the 360 will have been on the market 6 years.
and i am sure the 360 will continue to be sold as the cheaper alternative for years alongside the new Xbox.

GiggMan2947d ago

The question is, will they drop support for the 360 and 360 S as quickly as they did the original XBOX? That would suck for all the new 360 S owners.

mcgrawgamer2947d ago

true that would suck but you do know why they did that correct? the original xbox was killing them price wise. the hard drive manufacture and nvidia never dropped manufacturing prices for their products and since MSFT didn't have any control over either product even as the xbox price dropped msft was still paying full price for the hard drive and gpu. A lesson learned but it was billions of dollars lost to learn that lesson. with the 360 they pay for the production of all components hence the price drops and such. I expect MSFT to announce a new xbox in the next year or 2 and they'll keep the 360 on the market as long as they can. Just like sony with the ps2. They won't kill it as long it's turning a profit.

GiggMan2947d ago

+ bubbles to you I didn't know that was the reason. I just knew that after the 360 launched almost instantly games stopped being made for Xbox (except you may get like Madden or something like that)

I hope all company's will see the value in the current consoles (like Sony saw in the PS2) to stretch them out a few more years.

Inside_out2946d ago

M$ will release a new 360 in/on holiday 2012. Epic spilled the beans on this along time ago. They said you would not see another Gears this gen...HELLO...nobody walks away from a franchise that has sold 12+ million copies. Then, M$ pays them a boat load of money for Gears 3, suspiciously releasing BEFORE E3 2011. It's done...Unreal 4, Gears 4 will be launch titles holiday 2012 for M$...announcement coming E3 2011. Halo will be ready by then, supposedly made by Gearbox...yep..I know...sad really. Bach was basically let go because he thinks 360 will be good for another 5 years. Sony and Nintendo know this already and will be prepared to launch as well. Sony has already said no cell for the PS4. M$ wants to launch doubt Sony will let that happen again.

Of course the world is ending in 2012 according to the Mayans...just saying.

catguykyou2946d ago

I agreed but mainly cause of the Mayans. I think the logic above is OK but flawed. You are sort of right and sort of wrong. A few years back at a house party Epic threw, I was talking to one of the engine devs and was complimenting the engine. This was when the 360 had just been announced. He said that they weren't happy with Unreal engine 3 yet and if I think that is cool, wait till I see what they were doing with Unreal 4 engine. They work on these things for a long time before they see the light of day.

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dave63752947d ago

This is just misunderstood that Microsoft's reply appears that their building a new console, whereas in fact it's the manufacturing of the recently launched Xbox 360 S

ASSASSYN 36o2947d ago

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are working on a new console. The xbox 360 was on the design board the day the first xbox hit the shelf. That is the same for any product.

adamx2947d ago

Microsoft should man up and Launch it when the other 2 do. Oh thats right they need a 1 year head start to compete.

MiloGarret2947d ago

Because business practices in general are characterized by honor, right? RIGHT? Dickhead. Of course they should and will release it earlier, no matter how bad the hardware is, the early release is the one single major reason xbox is as big as it is today.

mcgrawgamer2947d ago

that's like saying sony never should have dropped the ps2 price to 99.99 when the xbox launched. LOL