New Killzone 3 Footage on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

You have seen it on SpikeTV, you saw more of it at E3, and now for the first time on regular TV, Sony will show Killzone 3 to everyone watching the Jimmy Fallon show tonight.

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callahan092915d ago

Cool, I didn't realize that he supported stuff that wasn't on 360. He must really like video games, no other talk show host ever features video games but he seems to put a lot of attention to them, well, a lot relative to how much others do (which is none at all).

StixRemix2915d ago

Yeah, it's cool that gaming is getting into pop culture a bit more (if only through Jimmy Fallon).

killyourfm2915d ago

Fallon's strategy is brilliant because he's adding more gamers to his audience demographic - the kind of people who are quick to hop on social networks and spread the word about his show.

TooTall192915d ago

makes this the first Jimmy Fallon I'm looking forward to. I haven't watched his show in a while.

Lifendz2915d ago

if his strategy is to get gamers to watch his show then it's going to work. I doubt they'll show any new environments, but it would be nice to say the rumored jungle environment.

EvilBlackCat2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

The guy know that the video game industry have a loooooot of fans worlwide

Its business why just support xbox brand?

Its all about rating

This War between Xbox360 vs PS3 is all in PS3 fanboys head.


Because the huge majority of Xbox fans come from PS1 and PS2


aaronisbla2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

we can always rely on Evilblackcat to spew out some fanboyish nonsesne, no wonder you only got 1 bubble. Fallon often shows a lot of stuff for 360, this much is true, but its not like the above poster called him a fanboy

Nice little neutral edited comment at the end haha

callahan092915d ago

Yeah, I only said that because the thought actually crossed my mind. I wasn't accusing him of being a fanboy or anything. It's just that he has been showing videogame content on his show for at least a year now but this is the first time he's ever shown something that wasn't on 360.

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VegaShinra2915d ago

I dont have cable so I missed the Spike footage. This is nice alt since I can watch this now.

chidori6662915d ago

please mulplayer footage GG!

Deathracer2915d ago

Yea I wish, that is just wishful thinking lol. I bet its going to be the same demo from E3 but with Jimmy playing it instead.

callahan092915d ago

Multiplayer footage and/or new environments (not the ice level) will debut at GamesCon, which is a big convention and it's closer to home for GG so I think it's a safe prediction. They probably won't reveal that kind of new stuff until a rather big event like that, and that seems like the best bet for them to show it.

LordMarius2915d ago

I refuse to watch Jimmy Fallon,
plus it will probably be the same levels that were shown at E3

D4RkNIKON2915d ago

that would be interesting because they showed of Kinect the other day and played the River Raft game.

redDevil872915d ago

We don't get this in the UK, but its nice to see gaming gain more of a spotlight in the media :D

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The story is too old to be commented.