Digital Foundry vs. Medal Of Honor Beta

Digital Foundry: "There's definitely a strong sense that the basic proposition here competes too closely with Bad Company 2 rather than attempting to take on the Infinity Ward offering more directly, or better still, carving out a distinct identity of its own. DICE is one of our favourite developers and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a DF game of the year contender; we just hope that the team isn't being spread too thin here."

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HolyOrangeCows2823d ago

This game freezes constantly. Freezes when you get a kill streak, when you check the stats, when the match is over....this game must be getting coded by amateurs.

How did DICE manage to screw this up this badly?

Faztkiller2822d ago

I've never been a Fan of DICE MP but this is surprising I've never heard of a DICE MP having many problems even in beta. I hope they have it fixed before release.

Shaman2822d ago

Yea im also very disappointed.Im also disappointed with DICEs engine,no AA and those shots from SP(UE3.5) look WAAAY better than what i have played and not only in terms of IQ but in textures,lightning...

hmmmm2822d ago

Lightning?? What lightning?... oh you mean lighting!

Trroy2822d ago

It's not DICE. It's EA Los Angeles making the game. All DICE did was supply some code, and probably some modest support.

RememberThe3572822d ago

EA Digital Illusions CE (aka DICE) is indeed developing the multiplayer. At least that is the official word. But if you have some inside sources I think we'd all love to here about it.

IHateYouFanboys2822d ago

no, DICE are actually making the multiplayer component of the game.

2 different developers are making the 2 different portions, single player and multiplayer.

-PINNER-2822d ago

I agree that the freezing is unfortunate and irritating, but its a beta, not going to let it bother me.

In my opinion the game is really good so far. I'm interested in more details on maps and modes. I think it feels like a cross between MW and BFBC. Which is good for me because I love BFBC and only slightly enjoy MW.

I will buy it, but it may end up not being as good as either MW or BFBC.

Redempteur2822d ago

ok ok it freezes .. thank god we know that NOW and they have the time to FIX it ... if the freezes were on release because no proper beta was made ..i'm pretty sure the scale of the complaints would have been différent

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Boody-Bandit2822d ago

the game is pretty damn good. It's not amazing but a quality title as far as graphics, sound, maps, weapons, game play and leveling up. The best part for me is I won't have to see people running around being able to knife me from 30 feet out or my having to use dual shotguns to stop those idiots.

MOH is what I wish MW2 would have been.

For know BFBC2 is still my favorite shooter because it actually works.

2822d ago
Trroy2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Devs shouldn't put out public betas anymore.

After the polished "demo" betas of MAG, Halo: Reach, and BFBC2, people expect waaaay too much. Seriously, those games were in late-stage of beta when they went public, at least. Those teams are also basically legendary when it comes to network game-making prowess. SOCOM, Halo, and Battlefield? That's like the modern Triforce of the past 10 years of network gaming.

"Beta" is not "demo". Betas are used to kill bugs. You crash? That's okay. You see a tank appear out of thin air? That's okay. Report it on the beta forum. That's your *duty* as a beta tester. That's what in-house QA people do for a living.

You're helping make the game better, by testing in an environment that just plain isn't available to dev teams during most of development.

evrfighter2822d ago

Actually dice is notorious for launching games with bad hitreg and weapon balance issues. There's only 2 devs that have near perfect hitreg games on their resume. Those being valve and infinity ward on dedicated servers of course

A LIVING LEGEND2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It's a beta and as such,one should expect unfortunate events.
However,'unfortunate events' being the least of my worries.
To be honest this game is junk.No other words come to mind.

Edit,and OT-with a small amount of de-bubbling no Joakleys or air Jordanians can exploit our good will.think about it.

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