The Day the Gaming Industry Died: Impressions from E3 2010

This year's event, however, will more likely be remembered as the precise moment video gaming as we know it died a tragic and embarrassing death.

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killyourfm2799d ago

Sweet, we need more Cracked on N4G.

dizzleK2799d ago

this 2 part analysis, from cracked of all places, is better and more insightful than anything i've seen come from the gaming media in ages. be sure to read both parts because the author truly expresses what a failure e3 was. it's nice to see a real critical analysis instead of the usual gaming media's knob slobbering.

Raypture2798d ago

I dunno about the rest of you but since we've moved on to this gen gamings felt pretty empty to me, not dead, but dying.

it feels like theres no love in games anymore, just money money money, and the end products show that when they're sub par.

spektical2798d ago

i disagree. PS3 exclusives are top notch.. maybe you see the problems in 3rd party studios. One thing is for sure, SONY prides themselves in differentiation by offering "superior" experiences by shipping out high end games.

Mr Tretton2798d ago

Oh plz, there are tons of great games this gen. You're just a Zelda fanboy trapped in eternal fairyland. LOL!

Raypture2798d ago


that's subjectional to the person, personally I'm sick of everything being a shooter, granted there are some non shooter games out that are good, but not that many.


Troll more subtly.

Darkfiber2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Funny, but PS3 and 360 (mainly PS3 though) sales have never been better, they are only going up, not sure what he's talking about. Games are also selling a lot more, too. The only reason Wii isn't selling anymore is because everyone who wants one already HAS one, and that they realized motion controls are a stupid gimmick, which is why I have no idea as to why both Sony and Microsoft are spending so much money on them.