GameZone - Flotilla Review

GameZone takes a look at Flotilla, the quirky, turn-based space battle adventure, involving fugitive cats, mad crocodiles and annoying yetis.

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jeannine2893d ago

Ok...I don't like PC games and that game from the screenshots looks like it was designed back in the 80's lol

Caspel2893d ago

graphics don't mean a thing. It's all about the gameplay


I don't think I would be into this one. Looks a little too old school and abstract to me.

In for PoP PS3!

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MeNAcE2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This game will be cool to own. I want Prince of Persia for the PS3 too!

alee2893d ago

This sounds like an interesting indie game. GZ

kancer2893d ago

This looks like a fun game. I've been a fan of space combat games and such since "Solar Winds" on pc.
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The story is too old to be commented.