Sweet Tooth PSN was a Movie, Not a Game

Mucu from GamesOnSmash writes, "David Jaffe has just confirmed on his Twitter account that the rumored Sweet Tooth PSN title he wanted to do was, in fact, a PSN exclusive movie. More details after the jump."

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PoSTedUP2947d ago

oh that would be sick, i said it the other week that sweet tooth would make a good horror movie.

captain-obvious2947d ago

a sweet tooth horror movie??


A good Horror Movie only if this is maded by a Japanese Production team, or anything included with Japan.

kanetheking2947d ago

there more mind game horror which is not that good to sweet tooth cos he is crazy that kills everything =}.

Minimox162947d ago

if don't had IP blocking for this movie I'll get it!

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Abash2947d ago

I'd definitely buy it and would love to watch it

Downtown boogey2947d ago

So... You'd certainly buy it but less likely watch it?

Karum2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I watched the HipHopGamer Show on Sunday, when he was talking to Jaffe on the E3 floor Jaffe mentioned he'd love to do a PSN Movie.

Oh yeah and a dark, serious slasher movie based on Sweet Tooth would be awesome if it was done right.

thehitman2947d ago

HHG already covered that about it being a movie. N4G should have a rule against articles made from twitter accounts.

CharlesDCI2947d ago

ummm I agree but to a point. What if a developer decided to post a game's new features by tweeting them? You saying journalists shouldn't go with the story because it was a tweet??

khellendros12947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I know you guys hate HipHopgamer but Jaffe talked briefly about this in an interview on his show.

Edit: @thehitman: We were typing the same thing at the same time, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.