Microsoft Kinect: Intended Use vs. Reality [CHART]

A funny look at what the Intended use vs. reality use of the Kinect......Don't worry fanboys this isn't a serious article

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Dee_912826d ago

haha i can see my friends sayin xbox off if im beatin them in something .. and vice versa

Christopher2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

VGCats Did it much better

ThanatosDMC2826d ago

Bubbles up for that one... that was a great find.

Wrathman2826d ago

skittles poo*

*oh yeah,thats wot im talking about*

achievement unlocked (scat lion king)

tommyth3cat2826d ago

Cracked is never funny, and it's pretty sad that you got that many disagrees

CellularDivision2826d ago

I guess its funny if you can relate, but idk, I dont think it would be funny anyway.

Godmars2902827d ago

Wonder if you can abuse your Kenect pet? You know people are going to want to.

Though I'm still wondering how its going to react to multiple kids.

AntBoogy902826d ago

They should allow that . . for the people that wanna let off some steam, haha.

rekof2827d ago

Hahaha Harsh but true !

ElementX2826d ago

Cracked... just a rip off of Mad. In middle school I read Mad all the time! I still have some unopened super specials still in plastic wrap at my parents...

Focker4202826d ago

That doesn't mean its not funny.

ElementX2826d ago

Well everybody at N4G sure loves claiming that different companies copy each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.