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Its been awhile since i played a sniper game. The last one i tried was Sniper Elite on the Ps2. So when i heard rumours about a new sniper game i was getting hyped! Ive now tried the game and here is my review of City Interactive's Sniper Ghost Warrior for the Xbox 360

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jaredhart2893d ago

but I still want to check it out.


oh dont get me wrong! ID LOOOVE to rank this one up with the top games so im not saying it sucks! im just saying they coulda done so much more with it! Its still a good game and worth checking out, but its not for everyone. i enjoyed it though with the flaws and all it just didnt leave me with an 6 out of 6 score :)

Deathracer2893d ago

4/6? Who in the hell rates games out of 6? lol


does that make it confusing for you? if so, you know whats so beautiful about it, you can just not read my next review :)

Deathracer2893d ago

Not confusing, just kinda stupid and out of place. Its like rating a game 7/9, why wouldn't you just use even numbers... Some things like that just make more sense.

knight6262893d ago

i was about to say the same...who rates games out of 6?

Bodster2893d ago

i rate games out of 127864 ;)

does it matter what number you rate? Surely the most important aspect of a review is the actual review itself and not the little number at the end?

Thanks for the review mate, looking forward to this :)

TheSleepyGamer2893d ago

Six is an even number :) . I do agree that the usual x out of ten would be a step up, no score at all would be even better.

Kahvipannu2893d ago

Usually the best reviews are the ones with no number, just the text itself.. But on topic I might check this out.

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its going back to the old dice game my friend. a dice has a topscore of 6 dots. thats basically why. so why try to fit in with everybody when you can stand out and maybe be stupid and out of place to some. seems like a weird thing to get hung up on though. when the score is that direct the review has to be more inclusive. btw, i find gamerscoring to 100 more disturbing when a game suddenly gets 57 points. but i dont complain about it though if its working for them.

BeaArthur2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

That's a weird scoring system. Who scores it out of 6?

jaredhart2893d ago


dkblackhawk502893d ago

Why don't people score a game out of 100, why not 1000? Everyone has their own way of reviewing a game...doesn't have to be perfect, just for you.

BeaArthur2893d ago

I didn't say it does, but out of 6 is totally random. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

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The story is too old to be commented.