Gaming Union: Dead Nation Hands-On Preview

Dead Nation from Housemarque, the team behind Super Stardust HD, is an upcoming twin stick shooter set in a zombie infested, not too distant future. It will be the second game released exclusively on the PlayStation Network by the Finnish developer. Dead Nation's familiar controls and mechanics make it easily approachable experience, and its high production values make it an engaging one.

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Kyll2892d ago

I need this. period.

stuntman_mike2892d ago

Dont forget to wear your sanitary towels. Things might get a bit messy otherwise!

TheSleepyGamer2892d ago

really walked into that one.

mephman2892d ago

This game is looking incredibly solid.

jammers2892d ago

It's from the guys who did Super Stardust HD, so I'm down for another twin stick shooter from them.

JDouglasGU2892d ago

exactly, Super Stardust was one of the best twin stick shooters this gen.

Cajun Chicken2892d ago

I'm just not sure about this one. As much as I love SSHD, this just sounds like another Burn Zombie Burn...and I already have Burn Zombie Burn.

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The story is too old to be commented.