How you can help better the quality of the N4G articles on the front page.

Gamers By Nature feels that the articles seen on front page are too few in quality, too many in flamebait (including one of their own sitting at the top of the page right now!) articles.

Inside is a guide to help folks who only browse the default front page help the site become better quality (As it pertains to approving articles, if you're reading this right now, you can approve them.)

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digitalivan2765d ago

Less flamebaits would be the first step.

branchedout2765d ago

I agree with you, but really things will happen all at once. It's like a "I won't do this, until they do that." kind of thing.

Once the flamebait articles stop getting approved so easily, and garnering so much attention, bloggers and journalists will stop writing them, and focus on more meaningful things.

N4G's a great place for a blogger/journalist to get their name out there. It's just sad they have to resort to flamebait articles to get noticed.

piroh2765d ago

it's the best gaming site

BeaArthur2765d ago

I don't know if anything can help the quality of this site. It's all on the users, and well, I doubt anything is going to make them more mature.

Hideo_Kojima2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Less flaimbaits
Less Top 10 articles... they are not NEWS unless they are comparing games that are brand new. Don't the rules say dont post about anything that is over 2 weeks old unless its getting an update or something?

I hate them so much...

Top 10 boobs in video games
Top 10 NES game endings
Top 10 consoles


Also I saw an article on here that was about porn and had NOTHING to do with gaming, technology news, E3 or anything at all just pure porn News.

poindat2765d ago

And nothing will fix it short of a major overhaul. The way N4G is set up, in order to be a successful contributer, you want your articles to attain high degree rankings. And in order for that to happen, you need a lot of people to view your article. Sure, a compelling bit of news can do that, but it is far easier to simply submit flamebait to attract the underbelly of this site.

Degree rankings should be removed. They in no way indicate the quality of an article and serve no purpose other than putting all of the crap and flamebait on a pedestal and encouraging users to submit that crap.

secksi-killer2765d ago

of the idiotic fanboys. then, perhaps the blog sites writing rubbish just to leach hits from this crap site

Commander TK2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

(Bungie/GreenRingoflife, 360 fanboys, Sony fanboys). Stop approving stupid articles that arent gaming news, remove the disagree and agree thing cause its useless. 90% of the time u c more agrees than disagrees, its either a pro PS3/Sony or an anti Microsoft/360 comment and vice versa.

Like if I say something pro anti M$/360, the comment would quickly spam with shit load of disagrees. But if I post a pro Sony comment, it does the opposite. I am a Sony fan and only own the PS3, but that doesnt mean that I am a fanboy and suck Sony´s dick no matter what they do exlusively for a PS platform.

Lastly, ban hypocrites please. I remember some PS3 fanboys saying to me that Modnation Racers is a PS3 exclusive. Lol, so all those 360/PC games aren´t? Hypocrisy at its best!

Now watch as I get disagrees in 3, 2, 1...

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Dee_912765d ago

if i see a article im interested in i click on it
if im not interested in it i dont

DarkSpawnClone2765d ago

No flame bait, No opinion articles. ONLY News. This is after all news for gamers not , some idiot with a blog for gamers.

JonDiskonected2765d ago

but I dont think my account can do that

poindat2765d ago

It's a shame that there are so many people who wish to help out but don't realize that they can. Just take the contributer test, submit 3 articles and you are good to go.

It's always a shame to see people comment on a perfectly good article, but since they are only ranked as members, they cannot approve it and that perfectly good article falls under the heels of the flamebait and crap.

Too many idiots are allowed to hold the power of approving articles; many of these people need their powers stripped and fresh blood needs to be brought in, like you and others who want to help but currently can't.

branchedout2765d ago

Which is why I posted this article. To educate. Folks just don't know how easy it is to help. I certainly didn't.

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Dlacy13g2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

regulate who can approve articles well as who can submit.

Also you should flag approvals for articles that are deemed bad/pointless/flamebait/fanboy driven (talkin Sony Defense Force esque articles). If someone is constantly approving this stuff...suspend their approval ability.

Its not that tough to clean this site up...its just a question of whether or not N4G is willing to take the "site hits" it might if it no longer has all the fanboy garbage littering the front page?

Eiffel2765d ago

Yeah we need a tighter contributor system, preferably one that requires peer to peer testing.

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