PixelPerfectGaming: Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum (Review) XBox 360

Originally released in the arcade and then on Playstation 2, NGBC has finally seen an XBLA release. The fighting is still based on 2 vs 2 team battles where at least one fighter must remain standing to win. Like in all SNK / Capcom fighters, a power gauge is displayed and fills as you either deal damage or receive it. Once this gauge fills to max, special attacks and DMs can be performed by the player. Even team attacks rely on filling this gauge. When executed properly, both team members enter the fray and pummel their on-screen opponent in a myriad of devastating attacks.t.

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branchedout2920d ago

If this had an HD remix to it, it'd probably sell better. The market is saturated with fighters, and the ones with the best visuals will always sell more. This is important if online play means anything to you.

But good review, nonetheless. Keep 'em comin'.