Remedy Working On New AAA Title

IncGamers can reveal Remedy is working on a new AAA title after a job listing by the developer.

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Djorgo2917d ago

Well, Alan Wake was very good. This could be exciting!

knight6262917d ago

What makes it a AAA title? they said Remedy was working on a AAA title(Alan Awake) and it wasnt even a AAA title

AnttiApina2917d ago

Seriously, don't use the term AAA if you do not know what it means:

AAA means big budget and great presentation.

Greywulf2917d ago

Games that score 90+ Are AAA games as well.

did AW even have a big budget?

Commander TK2917d ago

what systems it will be on since they have a good relationship with M$

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MrJack2917d ago

Triple A?? What!

There are 3 A's in 'Alan Wake' but thats all there is Triple A about it

wazzim2917d ago

You guys obviously didn't play Alan Wake, it's a AAA game.

basicsameh5142917d ago

mr jack!! you can count i take it back your not that retarded

XactGamer2917d ago

wazzim Mods are probably somewhere in a broom closet smoking a joint not paying attention to the site.

basicsameh5142917d ago

XD all you fanboys hating it because its that good

Darkfiber2917d ago

Um, Assassin's Creed got 7s and it was most definitely triple A. It has nothing to do with review scores. Devs can't anticipate what score a game will get before it comes out.

SO71D2917d ago

If you're gonna insult someone at least learn to use the right grammar, it's "you're" not "your"

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AndyA2917d ago

New IP would be nice, though. Not really feeling Alan Wake.

Chazmers2917d ago

i hope it is a new IP, would be nice to see developers creating brand new titles rather than rehashing titles into a franchise

Arnon2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Oh snap... Alan Wake 2 here I come!

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The story is too old to be commented.