Why PSP could still beat 3DS

"Nintendo's new baby is making quite the splash, but don't count out Sony's grizzled veteran just yet."


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Godmars2902887d ago

Unless public reaction to it is similar to the PSPgo its doing to sell just as well as all of the other versions of the DS

GWAVE2887d ago

Yup. PSP didn't beat the DS, but I'm not too worried about that. It sold nearly 60 million units, which is more than enough. I just want better software support from Sony and 3rd party devs for the PSP2.

dirigiblebill2887d ago

Above all else, I'd like a better D-pad :s The PSP has awesome fighting games, but they're all borderline unplayable at higher levels.

-Alpha2887d ago

Yeah, the PSP has sold really well. It's sure as hell not beating the DS, but it's doing well on its own.

Sony has a problem IMO though:

-UMDs didn't work
-Digital Distribution allows for people to steal games for free

I think this is the more important issue for Sony instead of "beating" DS.

sikbeta2887d ago

The last ad campaign is what I'm saying it's going to be the Last attempt to Push PSP Sales, it's a matter of time for the PSP2 to come out, not this year, but sure next year....

lelo2play2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

"Why PSP could still beat 3DS"


3DS is going to sell like crack.

DatNJDom812887d ago

3DS is on fire right now. It doesn't mean however that the PSP is going to die out either. PSP has a lot of great games to offer that are exlusive to it as well as other great features. Both systems will be just fine.

fatstarr2886d ago

My next article why the Gamecube could still beat the Ps3.

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Hyrius2887d ago

Can't wait for the PSP 2.

Deathracer2887d ago

To many Pokemon's and Marios for PSP to beat the 3DS, just isn't going to happen.

gtsentry2887d ago

the psp needs youtube service,watch vids,better internet,longer battery life den itll be the best

FinalomegaS2886d ago

the best Iphone killer maybe but still not handheld gaming device. That will go to Nintendo "again"

Arnon2887d ago

There were over 100 people lined up yester here in TX at the Apple Store, in 104 degree weather. I honestly have no doubt that the iPhone/iPad will outsell the PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.