5 Ways Microsoft Dropped the Ball at E3 2010

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"As one of the early adopters, it is easy to remember the joy of arriving home from school to see a giant box from CompUSA containing an Xbox pre-order bundle, a belated birthday gift from my dad. Since that day, there have been a multitude of E3 press conferences, all of which Microsoft impressed upon everyone Xbox owner or not that they had something new and incredible coming to the table in the next year. This was the first year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in the last few that Microsoft, in my opinion, seemingly dropped the ball – happily filling the role Nintendo performed last year of showing off a load of stuff no one really cared to see. Microsoft failed to truly impress and that has created a happenchance circumstance that seems incredibly fortuitous for Sony and Nintendo."

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LaurenKB1232948d ago

Overall they still had a good show, too bad it wasn't the strongest showing (although the journalists there are probably happy with their free Xbox 360s).....

Blacktric2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Making Kudo demonstrate an EyeToy ripoff for one and a half hours and showing no new "hardcore" games is enough for me. I don't need to read other 4's.

georgeenoob2948d ago

No new "hardcore" games? Someone forgot the new Crytek exclusive announcement.

NothingToGainButLove2948d ago


Crytek talks a lot but we need to let the title speak for itself.

Blacktric2948d ago


I was going to add it but what's the point? Did you see anything worthy about the game? Even great developers can make stupidly bad games. I'm not saying it'll be bad but I need to at least see a gameplay trailer of it.

EVILDEAD3602948d ago

Micrsoft showed what they had..period

They reduced the errors from past conferences and focused on what they needed to focus on

Instead of leading with the boring presentation of Beatles Rock Band..they wisely showed Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops

Instead of showing that boring bridge scene from Halo ODST...

They impressed the millions of Halo fans by showing Space Combat in Reach (later Firefight 2.0)

They showed a Metal Gear game on the 360 and announced the Crytek exclusive..

The demoed the FOUR player Gears with the new Bezerker for the millions of Gears fans..(and later showed Beat mode)

Who cares if you already knew about E3 you SHOW your biggest games and thats what they did

Look..if Planet Xbox 360 doesnt get that kinect was marketed to the target audience that Microsoft was aiming at then..once again it's the number one reason this site missed the ball..

People pretend that Microsft should have done 'In the Movies 2' or Scene-it part 15..or Rock Band 9..

They showed family games and made a case for the voice controlled dash and showed that Forza 3 actually works with Kinect.

The 3rd party presentation showed the best game 'Children of Eden' and IMO Dance Central, the Ubisoft Fitness game, and Kinectemals ALL can sell Kinect if marketed big...

If Hulu existed..they might have showed Hulu..for me though..if the ESPN LIVe allows me to watch college football games that I would be able to see normally..that's huge..

Sony wasn't able to show Slim at last years E3..Micrsoft did..and if they sell through during the holiday..then what ball did Microsft drop?


Redrum0592947d ago

E3 has always been about wats new and unanounced, do u truely believe that ppl traveled long distances to see things they already know. Sony wasn't great either, I hav to admit that although twisted metal reveal was kick ass, that was the only new reveal for Sony, but Microsoft had nothing new except espn and xbox360 s. Your logic on E3 is completely wrong. Answer this, if you had the money, would you pay 200-500 bucks for a plain ticket to attend E3 if u knew they were only gonna show old news?

EVILDEAD3602947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Your logic on E3 is completely wrong. Answer this, if you had the money, would you pay 200-500 bucks for a plain ticket to attend E3 if u knew they were only gonna show old news?

Based on your spelling of 'plain ticket' I imagine your pretty young...

But, just for the record my logic of E3 is absolutely on point..why because E3 presentation goals have been EXACTLY the same for the last 5 years..

Of course the 360 haters want to downplay what what shown at the Microsft press conference..but once again..Microsft did exactly what they were supposed to do..

Show your biggest for the consumers to look forward to..Halo Reach, Fable 3, Gears of War 3

Show that the biggest multi-plats are coming to your system and use your conference to accentuate your partnerships in the Call of Duty: Black Ops and Metal Gear Rising

Make new announcements..Exclusive game from Crytek (great news after losing Bungie)...ESPN announcement

Display your newest hardware..Kinect presentation and launch games + the unveiling of the new 3DS..

So to answer your question if there was ONE conference I would hasve paid 500 dollars absolutely would have been Microsft's conference..because at the end of the day..I would have also gone home with a brand new 360s

The funny part (and hypocritical) is that you bash Micrsoft...but give Nintendo a pass for doing EXACTLY the same thing..

Please show me all of those NEW announcements that the others showed that blew you away..

Showed Killzone 3..old news,,in fact GTTV showed the footage the friday before the Sony conference
LBP2..old news
Move..Old news
Grand Turismo 5 date gameplay footage and a date..same as Microsft showing Fable 3 etc.
Twisted Medal..ask Pacter..we ALL new it would be there
Portal 2-old a cover on Game informer..the suprise was Gabe eating his words..and just like Metal Gear Rising..a multi-plat shown on one of the consoles press events
Kev was awesome but we all knew he would be there..old news
Ghosts of Sparta teaser..old news

So please tell me why you spent 500 dollars again for this? Was it to see the Marcus ad for PSP?

Again..Sony did what they were supposed to do..


3DS..old news..Zelda..old news..Goldeneye..old news..Epic Mickey..old new (another past Game informer cover spread)
So people hyped up a side scrolling Donkey Kong? a 3DS Kid Icarus? a Kirby game?

So you would have spent 500 dollars for a two hours line to play 5 munutes of 3DS and you were extra stoked because a Wii Party game is a 'new' announcement..

LMAO..sorry I'll take the Halo Reach and Gears footage..and a new console ANYDAY over that..and watch the rest on G4 and the internet.. and let argue daily over who one

Whatever floats your boat though


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ECM0NEY2948d ago

if they didnt focus so much on kinect

ElitaStorm2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

360 online is good, people and they play all the time, 30 days later they get fat. That is why kinect was the only solution for the 360 gamers xD

Gene2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Lmao made me spit my water now people looking at me weird thx a bunch lol.

chadwarden2948d ago

All they showed was some shooters and a bunch of shovelware.

Al Bundy2948d ago

In MS's defense, shooters are the only games that sell on the Xbox. Mass Effect 2 only sold 890k on the Xbox without PC sales and Alan Wake only sold 470k.

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