Mafia 2: Developer Interview: E3 2010

Mafia 2 comes back into the gaming foray with some cool visuals, and some extremely realistic controls. The narrative in this game is also one that you will remember for a long time; after you play it of course. While at E3 this year we caught up with the Creative Director on the game, who both revealed the public release of a Mafia 2's E3 Demo, and how they came up with such a rich and intriguing story.

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MGRogue20172915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

... lol, at first.. I was like: "Okay, they are just standing there, wtf.." for the 1st minute & then they zoomed into some random dude but then the actual interview started & I went "ooooh right.. here we go" :D

KiRBY30002915d ago

i really love sandbox games, having a lot of fun with RDR at the moment. i heard nothing but good things about the 1st Mafia game and i cant wait for this.

djfullshred2915d ago

1st Mafia game was outstanding. I had just played GTA3 on PC, and then when I played Mafia, I thought it was much better than GTA for story, missions, and controls.