"Closed" Xbox Live blocked FFXIV

Eurogamer: Final Fantasy XIV Online creator and director Hiromichi Tanaka has told Eurogamer that a "closed" Xbox Live blocked the game from appearing on Xbox 360.

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jaredhart2862d ago

That's an unexpected reason.

digitalivan2862d ago

" when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice."
who said that Xbox was more of a PC then PS3?

Conloles2862d ago

Who would honestly pay for a subscription on top of XBL anyway?

morganfell2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

You are mistaking what he is saying. The PS3 and PC are open development environments and the 360 has a closed environment. This has little to do with hardware.

Another example is the fact that like several people I have over 100 free UT3 maps downloaded directly to my PS3 from websites browsed on the PS3. Also an untold number of skins and weapons. The 360? MS didn't allow this even via external drive.

EDIT: Hmm a disagree. So someone feels MS did allow downloading? I want to see that. Wait, it's one of those hurt feeling disagrees. Oh well. For PS3 users, this is a great site for UT3 direct downloads: Check out one of the DL characters:

Christopher2862d ago

*** Who would honestly pay for a subscription on top of XBL anyway? ***

Anyone who already paid for the service and wanted to play the MMO from their console? I don't think this is that bad of an item for those who are already paying $10-15 a month and will be playing other online games and online features. Honestly, $50 a year for the ESPN features if you're a big sports fan and a gamer is more than a good enough reason.

FragMnTagM2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Gold membership is not needed to play MMO's on the 360. Silver is sufficient and the only thing you have to pay is Square Enix's monthly subscription fee.


I have been trying to get people to play UT3 on the PS3 with me, but whenever I play it, it takes forever to get a match going due to there being a very small amount of people that play it. If you still play it, send a friend request to FragMnTagM on the PSN and I will gladly hand your ass to ya. J/K, I need to brush up on my skills with that game.

Kurylo3d2862d ago

xbox is closer to a pc, only problem is they are idiots when they come to online. They want to close everything so they control the money. Its like what apple does.

Its stupid and its gonna hurt them in the future... espeacially with the growing rage for mmos.

sikbeta2862d ago

Nah, the problem here is that people pay for xbl and then goes the Subscription for FFXIV or any other game in this situation, people will don't want to pay for Both, this would affect the Game cos people still be paying for xbl and may give a Damn about the game...

Theonik2862d ago

@Kurylo3d: You hit right on the money. That is exactly the problem. It is also the reason Portal 2 will get a lot of exclusive features on PS3. MS is extremely strict when it comes to online infrastructure. Apple does the same with the iPhone.

IHateYouFanboys2862d ago

personally im happy that Xbox Live is a closed system. it means that everything across the whole platform is uniform in design and how it works.

and not caring in the slightest about MMOs, not having MMOs on the 360 doesnt bother me. and even if i did like them, id just get them on my PC or PS3.

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Christopher2862d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic, jaredhart. I think it's pretty much been the consensus with the gaming community for a very long time when it comes to MMOs on the 360. It was the reason why APB and Champions were removed from being on the 360.

The Great Melon2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I just don't understand people who played FFXI or any MMO on the Xbox because you had to pay so much to play the games.

Pay for internet. Pay for Live. Pay for FFXI.

If it were exclusive to the Xbox it would be a little more understandable, but I would have just bought it for the PC to bypass the middle payment.

Red-Dead-Roar2862d ago

don't forget that you have to pay for
as well.. sounds like an expensive game.

tda-danny2862d ago

No, you clearly don't understand.

People who play FFXI on the Xbox 360 DO NOT have to also pay for live. FFXI works with a silver account.

Obviously M$ did not want to give SE the same deal with FFXIV.

The Great Melon2860d ago

Wow never knew that. I forget that not every game requires Live to play online. Thanks for the information.

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Godmars2902862d ago

MS has no idea how to deal with Monster Hunter. Are offering XBL "free" for the MMO's subscription. If they don't know how to do that, handle other MMOs similarly, its just going to lead to headaches all around.

raztad2862d ago

It may be the same reason why STEAM support is coming to PSN while XBOX LIVE is left out in the cold.

This is a trend. FFXIV, DC, Portal 2 + Steam. Good news overall for PS3 owners, not so good for xbox owners, dunno if they care though, x-game-chat is still there.

8thnightvolley2862d ago

i always knew the reason was from MS side rather than them wanting it to be exclusive.

lelo2play2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Microsoft is really fu*king up with their "closed" Xbox Live. How many games and features have they lost with their stupid rules regarding Xbox Live.

As for FFXIV the best place to play it will probably be the PC.

AntBoogy902862d ago

PC is always the best system to play any game lol.

Gene2862d ago

Don't agree I like laying on my bed and playing game I don't give a shit if it looks better on a pc I hate playing on a pc hurts my eyes.

AntBoogy902862d ago

You can always set up a controller and map it so that you can play with a controller rather than sitting at your comp :/

Andronix2862d ago

Square-Enix have got FFXI running fine on LIVE, so what is the barrier that makes FFIV on LIVE a closed system?

tda-danny2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

If you read the article, it says SE couldn't come to an agreement with M$ regarding FFXIV.

This clearly means what M$ was unwilling to give SE the same deal they have in place for FFXI.

Short Answer: The 'barrier' is Microsoft.

Spenok2862d ago

Makes sence to me. I can imagine it would anger some fans to have to pay $290 for the first year alone to play this on 360. Now i did this in year format because XBL is a yearly sub. I also added the price of the game into the equation. Now if you take that out then its $230 every year after. Though *180 a year for any game is kind of steep, but i guess i cant complain...ive been playing XI for 6 years xD.

Also i did this based on a $15 sub, since thats the norm. Who knows, maybe they'll go for a 12.99 Sub like they did with Xi, though that wouldnt make much of a difference.

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TheHater2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

They are just waiting for the $$$$$ from MS. We know, they know, media knows it, and MS knows it. A "Close xbox live" didn't stop them from putting Final Fantasy XI and all/most of the add-on on the xbox 360

zoks3102862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

We know, they know, media knows it, and SE knows it, M$ got money so why not shack them down a lil' bit? They have been handing out money all gen so why stop now.

Karsghul2862d ago

FFXI came out before they changed their online policy and what if MS gave them $$$? Wouldn't that mean more money to finish the game on time?

sikbeta2862d ago

No guy, even if SE "receive" money from MS, FFXIV will be affected = no-1 will pay for it cos they pay for xbl, a dude will prefer to not pay a monthly subscription or pretty much don't care about the game cos xbl, the feature that let you play on-line and other stuff comes first...

Persistantthug2861d ago

Look at the Valve Steam thing.

Look at ABP...look at Marvel U...look at we can all look at FF14.

Trends, TheHater.....Trends.

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SupaGamer2862d ago

to criticize MS's need to control everything.

byeGollum2862d ago

Final fantasy 11 Online was on 360 too

koehler832862d ago

FFXI was slated for the Xbox but an agreement could not be reached until half a year into the 360's life. If that's how long it takes to negotiate a deal with MS, most MMOs will die before getting there.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32862d ago

Buy a PS3...and move along.

Speedy1802862d ago

The World be a better place If everyone just did that. XD

authentic242862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

This really makes no sense when the last FF MMO was ported to the 360? Has it become more closed since then? Am I missing something? Phantasy star was also on 360. IDK sounds like BS

Colonel-Killzone2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

LOL its not bullshit. Square been trying to bring FF14 to the 360 for god knows how long actually. The only bullshit here is Microsoft.

authentic242862d ago

Other mmos appeared on 360 right? I'm not a mmo guy but was it something missing from those mmos that will be in this one? It sounds fishy to me. but maybe thats because I don't know what it is they are doing differently than when those came out. Only thing I could think of is maybe they want to do constant updates in which M$ won't allow them to do, but don't other games do constant updates?

Colonel-Killzone2862d ago

The reason is because 360 has its own policy with xbox live different from the internet. This came directly from Square themselves. So apparently their rules is different from what the psn has and also the PC. Nobody knows the full details except Square and Microsoft.

I can say they been trying for a very long time to get this title on the 360. So if anything you would have to blame Microsoft for this nonsense.

AntBoogy902862d ago

That's why. When FFXI came to XBL, that was before they changed their online policy. A few other titles were lucky because of this, but now XBL is more strict when it comes to online play.

authentic242862d ago

also how do u disagree with a question? lmao i was looking for an answer. the people on this website... smh

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