Best Buy offers $30 with $149 Xbox 360 Arcade

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began offering a $30 gift card with the purchase of the Xbox 360 Arcade Spring 2010 Bundle in a new retail promotion.

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8800gtx2919d ago

Dam i should be selling for alot more.


AAACE52918d ago

They are trying to clean up shop before they have to drop the price below $100! It might sell well with football season coming up.

Insomnia_842918d ago ShowReplies(2)
branchedout2919d ago

Good deal on an Xbox. With RETAIL prices getting this low, used prices will plummet also. Going to be hard not to pick up a 360 in the future. Just so low!

kaos_fish II2918d ago

Target & Walmart did last week.. If you bought it online at Walmart you got a $50 e-gift card. By Black Friday (and if they're are still any around) expect to pay $80 for these old 360 Arcades.

logikil2918d ago

Targets deal was even better. You got a 50 dollar gift card and the Arcade bundle for $130 out of pocket. Effectively making the xbox $80. I picked one up for the bedroom so I can get a 360S for the living room. Manufacturing date was 04/10 so its actually nice and quiet and has a much smaller power brick. Decent deal.


guessing they wanna get rid of theyre arcade consols for the new xbox :D

Jason1432919d ago

they had a rewards deal where split second came out to $12. Best buy has great deals but you got to keep a close eye on the ads for the small print.

jaredhart2918d ago

I've visited Best Buy and discovered great temporary deals I hadn't heard about. Always good to keep your eyes open.

dizzleK2918d ago

dammit! i just bought one at gamestop last week.

i haven't had a 360 for awhile but for $150 you really can't pass it up. i refuse to use xbl and i don't dl anything so the arcade was perfect for my needs.

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