PlayStation Plus: Better Than Xbox Live Gold?

NowGamer: 360 Magazine's Sam Bandah seems to think so…

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-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

They are very different, and not comparable still IMO.

I say this because Sony doesn't add features to Plus but rather throws in deals, and tries to show that it's an investment in value for subscribers.

MS on the other hand charges mainly to play online and to have features like Cross Game Chat.

I think Sony needs to add a lot of features still, some really basic ones, some that are aesthetic design, and some that are full-fledged features like Cross Game Chat or recording your own video.

Plus seems like a better value because you still can play online for free and like I said, it's an investment in savings. You get all this free content, and funny enough MS still charges you for a lot of things even if you are a Gold member. If Sony wants to really take advantage they can throw in free movies every month or something like that too. Hopefully this revenue stream can be put towards supporting Cross Game Chat, new features, and a facelift that makes PSN a more streamlined and central component to the online gaming.

Nike2916d ago

Seven bubbles? Seriously? o___O

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I'm sorry lol. I feel bad because a lot of other users should have more bubbles too. Honestly, I've never had to use all seven. People are still prone to having all their bubbles taken away if they say something wrong or if a user decides to attack somebody with multiple accounts. Not to sound ungrateful but I think the focus should be on getting users who want to speak more and deserve to speak more more bubbles rather than rewarding users like me excessively. I don't see myself needing 10 bubbles and I feel it's more for show than anything else.

IMO we should have a "reputation" system in a sense-- for example, say something intelligent enough or be known to be a funny guy and you get a little Brain or a Smiley face in between your name and bubble count. And every season that gets erased and people get repped up all over again. It'd be an aesthetic change that doesn't take away bubbles or give one person any sort of advantage, but rather, it awards users for how they post by showing little icons... oh man, I spend way too much time on N4G

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32916d ago

See? Its comments like that, that will have you getting more bubbles.

zireno2916d ago

I like your idea, it would be like bubble plus service :) and we would have to pay 5 bucks a year and get the best news before anyone else :D

NecrumSlavery2916d ago

Alpha you are Switzerland, and I commend you for it. You seem to be loved more now than you were ever here in the last year or so. You know if you don't use all 7 bubbles, just say what is really on your mind and quit playing the middle ground, riding the fence.

whydoyouask2916d ago

Yeah, turns out that your not aloud to call out anyone who is using bad information. I had 4 bubbles until i commented on this guy who said Mass Effect 2 shouldn't be in the running for GOTY because it sold less than God of War.

Of course i told him why it didn't sell as much...then i lost a bubble for trolling.

zireno2916d ago

I kinda checked you comment history and I didn't see any trolling so I'll help a brother out :) bubbles+

Focker4202916d ago


You can record your own videos. You just need to download EyeCreate from the PS Store. Or are you talking about in-game video??

MorganX2915d ago

You mean like XBL has?

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matt2472916d ago

You got to pay money to get free stuff, lol.

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

But the idea I think is that you invest in getting free stuff. So instead of paying for all that content individually you get it bundled for less.

I think Sony needs to focus on making PSN more central. Simple aesthetic changes that make the PSN feel more connected will help Sony a lot. The PSN needs a facelift in design and that alone will get people interested and it will make PSN look new.

Inane_Asylum2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Off the top of my head, I can think of auto-update and cross-game chat...

/edit/ Nevermind about the XGC...apparently, that was rumor :(

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Cross-game chat isn't one of those features.
Edit: Damn, you're quick...

Inane_Asylum2916d ago

Quickest bubbles in the West...

Christopher2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I think their lack of comparability is also what makes PS+ better than XBL for some. What I mean, is that the fact that PS+ is optional and doesn't inhibit general gameplay options like XBL is why people find it better. It doesn't look to make people pay to play online, instead it just wants to expand the options people have to improve their PSN experience without limiting it.

I personally hope they bring x-game chat to the general users with PS+ users getting the option to have larger party chat options (4 for normal, 8-12 for PS+ users).

@Alpha: What are you talking about? No one on N4G would ever de-bubble someone just for sharing their opinion! :p

MorganX2915d ago

Do you think say, parents, would rather have a free play online service with no control or monitoring, or pay for XBL with total control and monitoring through email. You can control chat, friend adds, etc. You'll get an email asking you to approve a kids friend add. You can control how much time is spent online. There are many things in XBL worth paying for and I'd like to see in PSN.

Red-Dead-Roar2916d ago

ps+ is probably awesome if you just bought a ps3 slim, but i've had mine since launch and visited the store frequently. i have already got all the games they offer for the first two months and i suppose this is how every month will be.. '

useless' themes, avatars, ps1 and minis is not worth the annual price for me.

sorry sony, but i prefer to choose games myself. not having someone else pick them for me...

sikbeta2916d ago

PS+ and xbl are Totally Different Features, for God sake, why is that people can't get this?

PS+ is a Service in which You pay and get games + skins + dynamic themes + discounts + more stuff, PS+ is and addition to PSN and don't replace PSN

cliffbo2916d ago

no one wants cross game chat and no one uses it on 360 so why keep going on about it.

lpfisher2916d ago

You can't expect anyone else to get bubbles with comments like that friend :P
On topic though, you're definitely right, they're two entirely different programs. When PS+ was first announced I felt a little hypocritical because I absolutely refuse to pay for Xbox Live, online access should be free. But I'm all for PS+. I buy so much on PSN, the service will pay for itself. As long as Sony keeps its online service free I think they can do whatever they want with PS+

BubblesDAVERAGE2916d ago


yippiechicken2916d ago

You hurt my ears when you yell like that!


InSpectre2916d ago

The official site shows a pretty good list of what to expect in the beginning.

Full Game Trials
Exclusive Offers
Priority Beta Invitations
Automatic Downloads
Free Games & Downloads
PS Store Discounts
Select Early Demos

I'm really not one to comment on comparisons as a person who's never used Live, but I read on Nowgamer that MS never gives out free games. The idea of automatic patching of all my games sounds good too.

Do you get any kinds of discounts as a Live subscriber?

You're right that PSN is a fairly loose experience.

AntBoogy902916d ago

For simply 50 dollars a year . . which is less than 5 dollars a month . . you get all these features :/ it's optional, of course, and you can play online for free anyways if you feel the PS+ service isn't worth it.

I personally think it's worth it . . I read many articles regarding the service to get my facts straight just in case i planned on getting it, and from what i've read, to me, it sounds like a great deal. 50 dollars a year for free games that cost more than the subscription and full game trials? Along with other benefits, such as auto downloading in case i have to leave somewhere, and discounts on playstation store items (like PSOne classics that i really would like to get, FOR CHEAPER?) . . sounds good to me. Could be different for anybody else, but that is a steal in my eyes.

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MariaHelFutura2916d ago

I think if PSN+ can make MMOs free to play if you have the subscription this convo is over. Personally I think not being able to play online if you don`t have XBL, is a joke. People shouldn`t let MS get away with stuff like that, or it`ll just get worse.

Inane_Asylum2916d ago

Though that would be a nice feature, the money's headed in the wrong direction. The monthly subscription fees for MMO's go to the game companies, not Sony. PSN+ fees go straight to Sony.

Oh, to dream, though...

Jeff2572916d ago

Yes MMO fees do go to game companies but for The Agency and DCU Online the fees are going back to Sony. Sony Online Entertainment are the ones working on and support those two MMOs. So since that is the case if they wont let us play them for free at least give me a discount or a multiple month pay option.

lpfisher2916d ago

I think they could find a way to make it happen, but that would most likely nullify any profit they make with the Premium service. After all, this isn't about us getting an awesome deal, it's mostly so they can draw more income from PSN and (HOPEFULLY) improve both the free and premium areas.

whydoyouask2916d ago

I don't think that could ever happen. It takes a lot of money to keep MMO servers up to date. The only reason they probably wouldn't mind not charging a fee is when th game isn't really that popular.

It's like, do you think WoW could have survived as a subscription-less game?

Feckles2916d ago

Surely it's just a matter of time before MS offers more value for money on the Gold service. Free Kinect games would be nice.

Bellcross2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I wont make any judgement before PSN+ has time to mature so far the features they have looks promising I want to see how far Sony will push this a year from now just look how far PSN has come.

I've been a Live member for over 4 years aside from Twitter, Facebook, Last fm and Espn coming soon, a lot hasn't change, I haven't played my 360 since I finished Mass Effect 2 three months ago and I'm beginning to question whether to continue my subscription or not. MS seem to have gone a different direction as of late and I don't think it's the right one for gaming.

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