Siliconera Hands On Mindjack, Square Enix’s Body Snatching Third Person Shooter

Sega isn’t the only Japanese publisher with a third person shooter. Square Enix has Mindjack, which is also slated for October.

The E3 demo was only limited to multiplayer and it began without a character to control. The screen was orange and distance markers let me know where non player characters were. As a hacking presence, I could float over objects, but not through walls. Finally, I found a mind, and more importantly, a body to hack into. I entered the helpless person’s conscious who wrestled with the idea of being hacked for ten seconds. I suppose that was why the NPC made a headache-like gesture.

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GWAVE2949d ago

This game looks like a clone of Omicron, Messiah, and Geist.