gPotato: "Allods Online is the only true free-to-play MMO"

GamerZines writes:

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Allods Online's European producer Vincent Douvier has outlined why he believes gPotato's free-to-play MMO is one of the most generous out there.

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branchedout2856d ago

A true free-to-play MMO should be one that doens't have "donation" items. There should be NO incentives for donating money to the MMO. Everyone, no matter what, will have the same chance to get the same items.

games4fun2856d ago

can't they just have add banners? have a bar in the game with no sound sliding across showing advertisements?

it's probably just not cost effective i guess.

Chris3992856d ago

$15 for a bag. A BAG. You shouldn't charge money for things that are simply a part of the MMO experience. Things like an inventory. Extra bank slots? Extra character slots? Character aesthetics? Cosmetic shit? Sure.

The only Free to Play model that has EVER gotten it right is Guild Wars. Buy our game, play it free for life. You want new characters, content and a whole new campaign? Buy our expansion pack (which were REAL expansion packs, not just a couple of levels, dungeons, spells that you get bored of in a month).

I'll stick to pay to play for now, as F2P has a long ways to go. FF XIV, Tera, GW2 are what's on my list for MMOs.

Anon73492856d ago

I loved guild wars.

Can't wait for Guild Wars 2 (Sequel not an expansion)

Ironfungus2856d ago

Except for Guild Wars and Ragnarok Online.


Darkfiber2856d ago

Looking forward to Guild Wars 2. I actually prefer to pay a monthly fee, then I can be sure that I can experience all the content, rather than nickel and diming for optional stuff, where your character is only as good as how much money you spend on him.