Space Siege Q&A - Story, Setting and Sieging Plus Render Trailer

Action role-playing games combine some of the best aspects of action games (like killing stuff) and role-playing games (like getting piles of loot and having a stronger character that gains experience levels). Washington-based developer Gas Powered Games is no stranger to action RPGs -- it created the Dungeon Siege series for the PC and Play Station Portable, and is now working on an all-new game announced at the recent E3 event, Space Siege. Unlike Dungeon Siege, which was a fantasy-themed game in which you could play as a wizard who shot lightning bolts at skeletons, the new game will be a futuristic, sci-fi game that may or may not contain skeletons at all. GameSpot sat down with the studio's CEO, Chris Taylor, for more details.

GameSpot: Why the decision to go with a sci-fi setting, rather than the fantasy setting of the Dungeon Siege series?

Chris Taylor: We'll likely come back to the more traditional fantasy setting at some point in the future, but for now, we thought it would be good to take a break and change up the theme, give players a taste of something new.

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