I Asked Shinji Hashimoto About Final Fantasy V And VI On DS And 3DS

Siliconera: “As you saw from Nintendo’s press conference yesterday, there is new hardware coming out,” Hashimoto replied. “We knew that was coming. We had to make decisions understanding that there were hardware changes in the near future and where want to put our resources.”

I followed up and asked Hashimoto if Square Enix has plans to bring Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy VI to the Nintendo 3DS. Hashimoto stopped typing or maybe tweeting on his laptop, laughed, and said, “No decision has been made.”

“Rather than creating [Final Fantasy] V or VI for the current DS we want to take a look to see how 3DS does, how it evolves, and then make a decision.”

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Cloudberry2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

VI is my first Final Fantasy title on SNES & the best of them all, in my opinion...

Making 3DS purchase more & more awesome for their current launch & future games.

Chris3992802d ago

If VI is coming to it. Best cast of characters in a Final Fantasy yet. And my God, must've put 200 hours into that game. So much value.

Spenok2801d ago

I fully agree, VI was easily the best FF ive played. Ive been wanting a VI remake since the announced III on DS way back. If they did this for the 3DS i would be estatic.

SuperStrokey11232802d ago

If FF6 comes to the 3ds i will be preordering one 100%, its my fav game of all time and I own every version of the game.

I was hoping for a PS3 remake of it but given that its square realized that would never happen, a 3ds version would be stellar though! That being said this is far less than a certainty.

SpoonyRedMage2802d ago

That sounds like a cryptic yes to me!

CellularDivision2802d ago

Werent these games already remade? It seems as if every FF game below 6 was remade for GBA or DS and PSP. Why not remake after FF7?

kesvalk2802d ago

nops, only 3 and 4 were remade, the others on gba and such was ports...

kesvalk2802d ago

ohhh, i want a remake of FF6, best FF of all the numbered ones...

but still pales if compared with FF tactics...

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