PS3 Move Charging Station sales increase at retailer

ProductReviews: Advanced sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Charging Station for the Playstation 3 increased this week on strong demand for the product

On Wed., the Playstation Move Charging Station held a sales increase of 91 percent to rank at No. 371 in’s Video Games division

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-Alpha2828d ago

The price really adds up though with all these accessories.

Good think I can still use the old USB. It gets the job done. Hell I actually game using my USB plugged in most of the time then I do wireless for some reason.

Cevapi882828d ago

when there is a and other companies will gladly supply...its happened with the wii and now the same thing is happening with the Move....but the important thing to remember is that you have options...there isn't really a need to buy this but consumers have their own reasons

Commander TK2828d ago

U shouldnt do that. My controller´s battery stopped charging and now it won´t even charge.

Omega42828d ago

to rank at No. 371

Does this really need its own story?

secksi-killer2828d ago

the fanboys think that it does!!! lol

"look dad, the move charger has "moved" up on amazon"

expect an immediate blog from on this!

they love a pointless sales blog for cheap hits!!

HolyOrangeCows2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Even though I know you'd say differently if it were a 360 product, I will say that punchjump will write ANYTHING about Amazon products because they get paid to have stories with links to amazon. Per click, probably. A lot of little sites do that.

He's getting disagrees because he's a fanboy. If it were a 360 product he'd be going on about PSTREE FANBOIS being soooo wrong about it.
And PlaystationLifestyle is a good site.

Dlacy13g2828d ago

I know this will get pushed through as "news" but come on N4G! The sales of a charging station increasing is hardly news! Why not discuss the move bundle being ranked #76 on the best seller list instead? Atleast that is a little more relevant than a "charging station" ranked 371. Seriously.... just sad.

secksi-killer2828d ago

this is what happens when you have an army of fanboys dominating a video game site!

anything that can be turned into a negative against the "enemy" gets 300+ comments. all the same idiots writing exactly the same things they've been saying over and over for years.

any game on the hated console is slated by sheep. the console, the on_line service, you name it, they hate it!!!

anyone that attacks the hated console is talking sense, and is a credit to the gaming industry, or is a great jounalist. whilst anyone that says anything slight against sony is an idiot and lacks credibility, or their games suck, or they are not jounalists. also just look at valve....well until e3, now they are gods again.

the hypocrisy is astounding.

but now we come to threads like this!!! a charger ranked 371 on amazon is considered news lol. i think now it is time for any-multi console owning non fanboys to leave this site and search for pastures new.

this is seriously the worst thing ive yet seen on this incredibly bad site! congrats fanboys, you've earned it..... i think

MGRogue20172828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

People want it! :D

PopEmUp2828d ago

it's all about the money after all :P

tiamat52828d ago

It's demand increased? Doesn't that mean the demand for the Move has increased too?

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The story is too old to be commented.