Is Q-Games running out of ideas for PixelJunk?

Innovative classic gameplay and a unique art style is what Q-Games have been known for with their PixelJunk series. But with their last two expansions, one has to wonder if the company is running low on creative juices.

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VersusEM2827d ago

Lets hope not, in fact, I wish these guys would hit the big time and go PS3 on shelves

Blacktric2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

They can make a World War 2 themed Pixel Junk for 4 games then move on to modern era for the fifth and sixth one then they can release 15 dollar add ons for it.

Iamback2826d ago

just because they (finally) made two sequels doesnt mean they are running out of ideas.
They are in fact working on bigger (prob PSN) game or at least that was rumour year or so ago.

Red-Dead-Roar2826d ago

they could not even come up with a name for shooter themselves, and now two sequels.. still hoping for an awesome pj1-5

Chubear2826d ago

There are literally 100s of game types they can tap into and put that Pixel Junk magic dust on but all I want to know is WHERE THE HECK IS OUT PIXEL JUNK MONSTERS2?!

FACTUAL evidence2826d ago

Pixeljunk side scroller damit! (like mario/sonic/klonoa)

HolyOrangeCows2826d ago

I could see that.

Two sequels and people start accusing them of being out of ideas? Oh come on! Give them a chance to have more successful sequels so that they can expand and make even better original games.

coolcut1352827d ago

no they haven't
they plan on going 3d in series 2 of their games.
just imagine the weirdness n awesomeness

Cajun Chicken2827d ago

People are going to hate me for this. But I've never really seen what everyone else see in Pixeljunk.

MexicanAppleThief2826d ago

Did you try Shooter? Mechanics are simple but so incredibly fun there should be a PSN demo lying about on the store. Local co-op is in there too.

ChronoJoe2826d ago

Same. I don't get it either. Like Pixeljunk Monsters, WTF is that shit. No offense but wow, what a boring tower defence game.

Pixeljunk shooter on the other hand is fantastic.

Echo3072826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I didn't get in to Racers or Monsters, but I thought both Eden and Shooter were awesome.

Also, I don't really know what ground this article has to stand on. The 4 games they have put out that I know of are all pretty drastically different and appeal to different kinds of gamers.

EDIT - Thank about this: all 4 of their games that I know of are in different genres. Racing, tower defense, platformer and dual-stick shooter. I'd say the creative juices are higher at Q-games than most others, or so it would seem.

UltimateIdiot9112826d ago

Well, all I know is that females love that game. My ex loved the game, a lot of my female friends got really addicted to Monsters.

I found it challenging and fun. It's actually more fun than other tower defense games I've played.

DRiX2826d ago

If you love tower defense games you're gonna love this one. I had the same mentality as you until I tried this game. :)

Szarky2826d ago

I thought the game "looked" pretty boring. But since it was the one of the only PS3 games my girlfriend would play with me I persisted and kept playing. Wow, what a great game. Loved the art style/music. Local co-op is AWESOME!

kghapa2826d ago

I don't hate the game series, I just don't quite get it. What ties it all together? Is there suppose to be some running theme or story?

DRiX2826d ago

I've only played one, but from reading impressions and hearing about the others there is no story. They're just supposed to be a new take on classic game concepts (tower defense, top down racer).

I think the only things their games have in common is 2D, the art style and the "brand" being PixelJunk. This is because they're part of the first series or something like that. The next series will supposedly be in 3D.

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ExcelKnight2826d ago

The article is obviously written by someone who doesn't follow up on Q-Games at all. They have already stated that Racers 2 is a way of making the game equal to the other titles in the series (namely trophy support and adding more features). As for Shooter 2, it ties directly into the ending of Shooter 1.

T9X692826d ago

I tried a few of the PixelJunk games, don't know if its just me but I didn't find them very fun, quite boring actually :/

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