Game Rant: Fable 3 Demo Hands On Impressions

Amanda Schuckman of Game Rant writes, "If you, like me, clocked excesses of 70 hours in Fable 2 and ended up being a real estate baron to rival Donald Trump, than your head, like mine, would have imploded from sheer glee and that peculiarly ravenous sort of satisfaction that comes from being a hero in Albion. It felt good to be back. Better than it had felt the last time, in fact, with the changes to gameplay the gang at Lionhead Studios have implemented for this new installment."

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FragMnTagM2950d ago

As a huge fan of the Fable series, I must say that they are definitely stepping their game up.

ASSASSYN 36o2950d ago

Yeah it does look incredible.

adrenius2950d ago

Sounds so awesome! Can't wait

DanCrabtree2950d ago

Honestly, it felt really similar to Fable 2 despite some of the minor changes to the start menu and interactions with NPC's. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it just felt really familiar.

ElementX2950d ago

I just got Fable II again. I played it a little bit while I owned my original 360, but I sold it and all my games when I needed cash. I'm excited to play again, but right now I'm engrossed in Alan Wake

T9X692950d ago

Yea I went out and bought Fable 2 for $20 because of all the Fable 3 stuff I keep seeing. Fable 2 is an amazing game, some things disappoint when you compare it to the first, but great game none the less. Can't wait for Fable 3.

midgard2272950d ago

i really hope everyone attacks u if u hit someone, i cudnt stand the fact that when i punch or stabbed some villager all he did was get an angry smiley with -4 beside it.......lame

hope they take a hint from oblivion and make everyone a threat if u threaten them

games4fun2950d ago

i hope they take a lot of hints from oblivian and improve on them so the game will be worth a buy.

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