The 25 Ugliest Games Of This Generation

NG: We plundered hundreds of our reviews to come up with this; the definitive shit-list...

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Feckles2945d ago


(ironic comment)

MariaHelFutura2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Halo 3 isn`t the best looking game out there, but there is way worse. Alot of the 360s launch games weren`t the best looking, alot of them were just hi-res PS2 games. It was pretty disappointing, after all the hype leading up to it`s release.

MariaHelFutura2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Bomberman: Act Zero (probably the worst, it looks like a XBL/PSN/Wii title at best)

360s launch games, 90% of them were not attractive.

BTW, 8.4 for PDZ is just wrong.

midgard2272945d ago

um halo is horrible looking for being considered AAA.

i mean how are the Human models in ffx on ps2 better than halo 3's???


MariaHelFutura2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

So are you saying there is nothing worse out there? Because that`s all I`m saying.

Conloles2945d ago

Yeah right here we go its only Xbox that had ugly launch games look at Resistance 1 now, its got crappy textures but of course you guys think it still looks better than Crysis...

NecrumSlavery2945d ago

Halo ODST looks worse than Halo 3 IMO, but these AAA exclusives need not be here.

qface642945d ago

considering halos pedigree and the budget and time that goes into halo games
halo 3's graphics are an absolute tragedy among the worst on the 360 they had the time and the money while that can't be said for most other games

BWS19822945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

graphics for a LAUNCH PS3 title were actually very well done. You know, this is back when 90% of the industry thought the PS3 was a overcomplicated space computer? Yeah, back then.

Textures weren't anything special but textures don't dictate overall visual fidelity, they simply contribute to it. People like you whine about Killzone 2's textures and we all (true gamers) know how good that game actually looks. Fail.

Resistance is one of the finest looking launch games in a long while. Try again pal.

Ocelot5252945d ago

recistance 1 had fantastic breaking of glass, to be honest I don't know any game that has better breaking glass than R1 on ALL platforms
if you gonna disagree than please give an example of a game with better broken glass graphics

the ugliest game imo this gen was dynasty warriors gundam

IrishAssa2945d ago

Hahaha Halo 3 had some of the worst this gen? Hell no. They were definately below AAA level but they were still average atleast, when people slag off Halo's graphics it's because it's one of the 360's best games but it's graphics are no where near the other best games of the gen(see KZ, Gears, Uncharted etc). And it's all about graphics this gen.

karl2945d ago

prototype and crackdown 1 and 2 for what weve seen

IaMs122945d ago

LOL I love how it takes a true gamer to be able to decide whether a game looks amazing or not. OH but it has AA this and that and this, the point is if it looks good, it looks good, looks bad it looks bad. They are called looks for a reason, just because it has all this software and hardware pushing it doesnt mean it looks good, and if they have to dumb down something and up something to make it look better then so be it, as long as it looks good.

Its kind of hard to explain what im trying to say by typing it but i hope some of you get what i mean.

"True gamers can only tell if it a game looks good"- HAHA wow thats hilarious!

Calvin_ISA2945d ago

@ Ocelot
Resistance FoM also had the best falling snow hands down.

BWS19822944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

No, no I don't know what you mean.

I was calling out a fanboy, he isn't a gamer because, well, HE'S A FANBOY...hence why he will be in denial about a game's graphics on a "competing platform"...He's going to do everything to incite pure delusion so that he'll always think PS3 games look like crap and 360 games are eye-bleeding awesome, hence why a gamer will be able to see good games on all consoles and therefore have a righteous and fair point of view.

Conloles is a fanboy, he doesn't have the right to claim he gives accurate viewpoints. He lost that by claiming some insane allegiance to a game platform.

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KingPin2945d ago

What does TGSI mean? seen it alot around these parts, but only here. never anywhere else.

UnSelf2945d ago

The Genius Said It


The Generic Statement Implied

Darkfocus2945d ago

I think it's the second one I've never heard anyone say the genius said it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32945d ago

Even though I thought Haze was fun, I thought it looked like a PS2 game.

execution172945d ago

i agree with you, but the graphics i didn't mind still had fun playing it

likedamaster2945d ago

Halo 3's far from the ugliest this generation. Looking for hits?

Inside_out2945d ago

Halo 3 one of the best looking games this Now Gamer is clueless. They never have anything truthful or relevant to say, least of all about the 360.

PS3 owns the biggest library of ugly games. Every PS3 multi-plat is ugly. Zipper makes ugly games for a living this gen. If Twisted Metal doesn't make a turn around it'll be on alot of these lists in the future.

n4gno2945d ago

You are the best joke here cez the troll.

i hope you are only trolling, and not believing all the lies, craps, you can say everyday.

ProjectVulcan2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Football manager- For those who 'get' that series, the rating of its graphics is beyond meaningless. Its insanely addictive and when i get stuck in, usually days pass without me being aware...

Darkfocus2945d ago

I think there ignoring pc games because dragon age looked good on pc it was just the console versions that had bad graphics

cranium2945d ago

That's what the guy said and that's probably why it was #25 on the list, since all versions weren't bad. I never really thought that the graphics were overly bad in that game anyways.

FreeFalling2945d ago


If Halo's on that list, MAG has to be at least somewhere there. Halo does have some beautiful moments in the campaign, mixed with some bleh.

n4gno2945d ago

Mag : 256 players + vehicules.

can't have killzone graphics (but have pretty much call of noobs online graphics, and halo)

Trroy2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

For what it does, MAG looks hot. Context is key here.

It's not like Tetris where they had a lot of horsepower to spare and just didn't try.

ico922945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Halo 3 isnt the ebest looking game this gen but its far from the ugliest look at these games

Target Terror , The Conduit. Golden Compass

the 1st screen is absolutley horrendous

cranium2945d ago

I don't think Wii games should count, sine it would make it completely unfair. I know that The Conduit is a Wii game, not sure about the other 2.

ico922945d ago

the 1st 2 screens are Wii games the last one is a 360 , PS3 game, and why shouldnt the wii be included a sh!tty lookin game is a sh!tty looking game, the games i displayed aren't exactly the best looking games on the wii the wii can produce some amazing looking games look at SMG1,2 Metroid Prime 3, Other M, red steel 2, Mad World, RE Darkside Chronicles, LoZ Wii

BkaY2945d ago

i didnt like halo 3 coz i am not too much into fps space spartaa thing.. but graphics wasnt bad...

its nothing but bashing, bashing and more bashing..


Richdad2944d ago

Yes it had some good effects and scale was large but looks wise it was not good. Also ODST looks better than Halo 3 I would say. Halo3 ODST didnt disappointed me in graphics department, (it was not outstanding though) but, Halo 3 did.

Also PDZ looks better than Halo 3 only disappointment was it had plastic like textures but it looked good. The game was really detailed.

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Hellsvacancy2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

No Prototype or ShellShock Vietnam? really BAD games

Edit: Saw, Deadly Premonition, Alpha Protocol, other then the main character model The Saboteur looked really bad aswell and what about Prison Break? thats gotta b top of the list (and ive played it)

DevilsJoker2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Without PICTURES. I mean big pictures to see how bad the games look, i don't know what half of them look like... so i can't laugh along with it. You'd think they'd at least have a picture for number 1.

jimmins2945d ago

Click the link on the game's title for pics ;)

DelbertGrady2945d ago

Definitely Shellshock: Vietnam. That game is bad in all areas.

Cajun Chicken2945d ago

What was wrong with Prototype? Did you see everything it was doing on screen at once?

ian722945d ago

For an open world game The Saboteur looked great, nothing wrong with it IMO. Prototype was alright, It did have a lot going on at the same time though. Saw wasn't bad but wasn't good, bit like Silent Hill. I do agree with Shellshock Vietnam, Deadly Premonition, Alpha Protocol and Prison Break as been poor in the graphics department.

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002945d ago

No vampire rain how can people forget that game.

dredgewalker2945d ago

Its also the worst of worst games in modern day and in gaming history.

Apolloeye2945d ago

I wished they would sort out their line-height issue on that site...

BeaArthur2945d ago

Pathetic list. There are a lot of games on there, that while average, aren't anywhere near the ugliest.