Jimmy Fallon Feels The Need For Speed

Kotaku writes: "Next year we're just going to wait until the week after E3 and let the publishers bring the games to us, like Jimmy Fallon has done with Kinect, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and now Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit."

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Deathracer2672d ago

I think its pretty cool he is featuring video games a lot lately on his show.

ExcelKnight2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

It's his so-called "Video Game Week". Tonight he has Killzone 3 and on Friday he supposedly has an "exclusive announcement". No platform, company or anything has been revealed about it, so we'll just have to wait.

MariaHelFutura2672d ago

The game looks great, but Jimmy kinda wrecked their demonstration. By not being very good at. The guy from Criterion looked kinda pissed at the end, he was trying to show the crowd something and Jimmy kept on driving like an idiot trying to be funny.

BTW, KZ3 I love you

Bellcross2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I can't stand Jimmy Fallon his jokes are corny and seemed forced 99% of the time and his acting is beyond horrible. I can only imagine the horrible things he did to get that show.

Conan O'brien was way better.

BYE2672d ago

Jimmy Fallon sucks at racing games, I bet Dr. Phil would kick his ass.

Lirky2672d ago

this nfs is going back to its roots like previous nfs games, which is a good thing.

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