Conduit 2: The Wii Needs More Games Like This

Ripten: "To be perfectly honest, I haven’t used my Wii for much of anything, other than playing Mega Man 10 on easy mode, in quite some time. However, all of that may very well change this fall with the release of Conduit 2. Ripten was backstage at E3 2010 to check out the sequel to this slick sci-fi shooter that’s exclusive to the Wii."

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Drjft2918d ago

I played the first Conduit, and it was definitely a step in the right direction, and this will be too.

dangert122918d ago

i think the first one was just laying down the foundation it did everything it was set to do its just needs more online protection from hacks etc and to keep improving it all around

greeneggsnsam2918d ago

Yeah it needed polish, hopefully they will learn from it in this one.

fatstarr2918d ago

this one looks way better
the first floor shall be built on the foundation.

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

Didn't the first game release just a year ago?

N4g_null2917d ago

The game modes are a lot better and I believe they are the first with patch support from nintendo for hackers. The art style is better also. I want to see the finished game before I say too much and run speed is increased so that is a plus.

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mcgrawgamer2918d ago

whether or not you like the wii or not you have to give these guys credit for trying to push the hardware.

branchedout2918d ago

Good on them for not abandoning ship.

Sandwich Bender2917d ago

Seriously, I love seeing a developer passionate about their IP.

matey2918d ago

u people that say u havnt played wii ect i can dust my wii of ect u all chat rubbish thats that plus HVS said they are pushing the graphics quite abit this time he didnt say we have dripped every last bit of power out of the system so what u see there is far from what wii could do given more time bigger budget fact

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The story is too old to be commented.