Reviewers don't actually bother with online play in sports games

A look at the reviews for NCAA Football 08 regarding the online play vs. what is actually being experienced by gamers.

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Snake_Doctor3924d ago

Lag is very noticeable on the PS3 version. I almost always have trouble with the kickoff.

I still like the game though, my friend is about to find my foot on his throat as I run the option into the endzone.

Mr_Kuwabara3924d ago

I don't even bother reading the reviews/previews or looking at screenshots for that matter.

ChronicOsmosis3924d ago

Don't most journalists have access to servers reserved for developers and journalists in order to try out the games before they release it to the public? That would be why they don't report things like lag because on their superduper servers they don't have anyone playing on dial up.

kg053924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

i tired both wired and wireless online play with ncaa...both connections had lag issues...every kind of kick whether it be kick-off, punt or field goal, had lag issues, i don't recommend going for fg's so go for it on 4th down! trying to pick plays on defense is also very hard to do when the time goes from 8 to 3-2-1 quite quickly and the play menu does not respond according to desired movements. this may just be my experience of playing the game 4 times..this is not the same story with all PS3 games though, when playing motorstorm i have very few if any lag issues when playing on-line. i'm quite disappointed that the lag issues alter the gaming experience to the point that the game has become unplayable (on-line).

Maddens Raiders3924d ago

Maddens Raiders @ Says:

July 27th, 2007 at 9:05 pm
I’ve been playing Madden and other sports games since the late eighties across all consoles. It saddens me that the genre of football continues to decline in ingenuity, innovation and attention to detail, especially in re: to online play. No wonder EA is trying to get 2K to slow down. I thought I’d never say it or think it, but this is probably my last year of Madden.

I guess if I want to watch what’s really “in the game”, I’ll have to kick back and check out the NFL and my Horns on DirectTV or ESPNGameplan. =[

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