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Cloudberry2859d ago

I've read from someone's that European gamers might never comes out from their room after playing this game, lol.

-Alpha2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

This game is the bomb.

GOTY 2010 for me, deep gameplay, great atmosphere, interesting online, challenging, rewarding, and definitely a risk that pulled of well.

Was playing it yesterday. Sadly I think a lot of people have either stopped playing, or I'm just in an area nobody else has arrived at (stage 1 of the last world). Either less people have been playing or I've been entering into worlds less people make it into :D

Anyways, the game is by far one of the best this gen. I was actually originally indifferent to the game. I had zero hype and expectations and I was blown away. It's a game with a lot of heart and it has to be admired for being so bold. Demon's Souls 2 has been knocked down by the developers but I hope that it happens.

Actually, I'm still waiting for the DLC. I'm a little worried Demon's Souls is getting scrapped, because the DLC still needs to come and we need #2.

Brewski0072859d ago

Im gonna get this soon , cant wait. Ive heard so much about it and am looking forward to dying so much as I heard its seriously hard! XD

Deathracer2859d ago

Its not that the game is technically hard, it just forces you to learn each enemy and how they attack and move. You die rather quickly so chances are your first few fights with bigger enemies you will die trying to learn how they work, but once you learn their moves and how to parry at the right time, the game isn't to bad.

Here's a tip, collect lots of grass you will need it lol

-Alpha2859d ago

That's true, the game gets a lot easier as you progress, it's all about learning from your mistakes.

When you beat the very first boss you will understand just how great the game is. It makes you feel rewarded in such a great way, like winning in MAG.

bloodybutcher2859d ago

i feel more rewarded when i get to kick black phantom's butt:D bastards,invading my world...

garos822859d ago

cant bloody wait, but unfortunately have a hectic weekend at work so it will have to wait for monday tuesday when im off before i go mental on it :(

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stuntman_mike2859d ago

I've been reading about this game for awhile now waiting for it to come out in England. game has been getting rave reviews all over, suprised when gaming sites metion great games on PS3 they dont mention this even tho its been getting really good scores and everyone whos played it has loved it.

maybe the duration between releases in each resaon has stifled it abit.

but its a D1B for me.

Morituri2859d ago

I'm happy everytime a new group gets to play this gem. I'm hoping for a tricked out sequel in the future.

MechaGear2859d ago

wtf, ship it already!

MGRogue20172859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I shall buy it.. when it's cheaper & in the bargain bin. :)

rockleex2859d ago

*points gun at enkeixpress*

That way, there'll be more chances of a sequel! <_<

*click... and there's no bullets*


ThanatosDMC2859d ago

Gun fail... damn, i didnt have my cam to post it on youtube.

MysticStrummer2859d ago

Demon's Souls is a game that deserves to be bought at full price.

Deathracer2859d ago

The only thing I didn't like about this game was how bad it lacked in explaining things. Other than that, the game is a must buy if your up for a challenge.

Anon73492859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

If you enjoy 40minute tutorials go play Fable 1/2.

This game is about the learning experience. It reminds me of older games during the SNES era that didn't old your hand the whole time.

This is my favorite game this gen, and defiantly one of my favorite games of all time.

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